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Letter: Walmart not the problem

Mr. Norman stated in an area newspaper that he stopped Walmart in Greenfield, this with a court case still pending. Walmart had an open house for people of Holyoke to look at their plans at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Holyoke.

I was there and there was a group of old ladies singing songs against Walmart. They call themselves “The Singing Grannies.”

I was there and it made me sick of such stupidity. Walmart employs more senior citizens than anyone else in the country.

My wife and I know a lot of these people and they wouldn’t have a car or an apartment much less food on the table. Mr. Norman was afraid that Stop & Shop and Kmart would go out of business if Walmart built a super store.

Stop & Shop is a foreign company with the highest prices in any city so much so that I can’t afford them. Walmart, with all its issues, is American owned.

Mr. Norman, show me a city that has a Walmart and wants them out.

Orange just added on. Hinsdale has a super store. Ware has a big store. Northampton, Hadley and Westfield just added as did Springfield on Boston Road, and what about East Windsor, Conn., who’s building the biggest Walmart I’ve ever seen across the street from their old one.

Greenfield has nothing.

You just took a survey of the people and overwhelmingly they want a department store.

You should have taken it upon yourselves to have people sign a petition and send it to the judge in your case. Do any of you remember the old Hadley Mall, that at the time was considered the dead mall?

Walmart, with opposition, took over the Woolco store and today there are 10 stores and a couple eateries.

This shows freedom of choice and peaceful co-existence.


South Deerfield

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