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Officer posted to curb Deerfield dump drama

DEERFIELD — Townspeople using the Deerfield transfer station on Saturday mornings this week may notice a police officer patrolling the Lee Road facility.

Some townspeople have increasingly become disgruntled over having to buy a $65 sticker to use the dump, and the two town attendants who staff the transfer station have borne the brunt of their displeasure.

As a result, Deerfield has placed a police officer at the transfer station from Saturday to Saturday this week. Police have been stationed at the dump to help maintain the peace, according to Highway Director Shawn Patterson.

Over the summer, according to Patterson, there has been between 15 and 20 incidents of rude behavior toward the town employees.

At the heart of the complaints is the town’s tougher sticker policy.

“This has been an ongoing issue. I want people to know why we charge for the sticker is to make the facility self-sufficient,” Patterson said.

Over the past two years, the town has been more strict in requiring Deerfield residents to purchase a dump sticker before using the transfer station, Patterson said.

The policy, however, has resulted in an $80,000 surplus for the town in the past two years — a reversal from the past when the transfer station budget was typically in the red.

The tougher sticker policy is being maintained to keep generating money for the transfer station.

“The reason why we’re not in the hole in the past two years is because we cracked down on the stickers,” Patterson said.

The town previously sold 500 stickers. It now sells more than 1,000.

With the extra cash last year, the town bought a new trash compactor to cut down on the hauling. The town also repaved the lot where the garbage bins sit.

This year, the town had a $52,000 surplus and turned it over to the Fiscal Year 2014 general fund.

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