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Letter: Problem’s not Walmart

I read the article that Chris Collins wrote in your paper and it’s one of the best ones yet.

I want to tell him I won’t lose interest on this subject because it affects mine and my wife’s well-being.

This whole fiasco hurts Greenfield’s job picture. It hurts lost revenue for the city of Greenfield and the state of Massachusetts and Franklin County.

If I had the chance to move next to a Walmart, I’d do it in a minute.

Since when does a Housing Court have a say in a commercial matter? This is turning into a horse-and-pony show.

My fellow taxpayers and I pay this judge’s salary and I don’t want any of my tax money used for this case.

I can only come up with one reason why this is such a crusade for Mr. Norman and his followers:

Walmart hires a lot of minorities and I think between competition and minorities, these people don’t want them living up in their area.

My wife and I go to seven Walmarts and I’ve never heard anyone say their house values went down because Walmart was there.

On the contrary, they all love having jobs and reasonable food and clothing prices.

I showed my last letter to most of the employees of these stores and they all said I wish these people were living in our cities cause this fiasco would never have gone as far as it has.

I wonder what it feels like to be a job killer!

I think the people of Greenfield should stop filling other pockets and enjoy real savings.

It’s nice to help other stores and businesses, but how long can you afford to do so?

The monies wasted on this issue could have been better used to send ballots to everyone in Greenfield to vote on this fiasco once and for all.

You taxpayers voted the people into office who issued this permit and you should have the final word.

As far as feelings and a chance to be heard you gave up that chance when you didn’t buy the land or go to court before the land was sold.

You can’t tell me you didn’t know ahead of time and the reason you all stalled was to try and drum up more support for your cause.


South Deerfield

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