Letter: Colrain sidewalks

I live in Colrain Center and am one of the very few people who walk alongside these roads. At this time, we have a short sidewalk in front of Walt Donelson’s house that extends over in front of the library. I measured the snow on Friday morning after reading yesterday’s paper. Half of that sidewalk is covered with 20 to 25 inches of snow and the rest is covered in thick ice, making it even more dangerous. Who will plow the proposed sidewalks when that short section is never cleared?

The story describes the one-way street in front of the apartment building “a slip lane.” It appears that street would be closed to traffic. Closing that road to traffic will cause accidents because drivers coming down the hill and turning left cannot see through the church. I always go around on the north side of the common, on that one-way street because I cannot see cars entering the center from the north.

Yes, we have lots of tourists returning from the north, heading south, speeding through that intersection, so turning left onto Route 112 South, on the south side of the common, is dangerous. Years ago, I called Mr. Cromack, selectman, and asked the town to make the south side of the common into a one-lane road in order to make that intersection safer. Mullaney of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments’ “$3 million fix” will make that intersection more dangerous.

I live here, walk here all the time, and I disagree with Maureen Mullaney. That project should NOT get any regional support.

Also, I pick up trash on Colrain Mountain, and often smell the odor of brakes overheating as people drive down the hill. Instead of a crosswalk, we need warning signs for pedestrians.



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