Letter: Too much to ask?

Why does our culture allow drivers to crash into other cars without the offending driver saying, “I’m sorry.” Since Monday, Nov. 26, I have been in pain since being subjected to the impact of a young man’s red 4,000-pound Acura. I was thrown against my driver’s side door. My neck, back, knee and left arm have hurt ever since the accident.

In addition, I have been unable to work and earn money because I don’t have transportation. I had four errands to do in Greenfield on Monday. Although I have been able to hitch rides to see my insurance agent in Shelburne and was able to get rides to and from Greenfield, I was not able, however, to buy groceries.

I’m strong. I’m also stubborn, so I’ve done what I could for myself. What I’m asking is that the driver of the Acura apologize for his reckless driving, and offer to provide transportation for me to Foster’s in Greenfield to get food. Is this too much to ask?



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