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Letter: Ukraine requires caution

Ukraine requires caution

The downing of MH 17 is, of course, a terrible tragedy with the taking of 298 lives leaving the families and friends of those killed in shock and deep morning, one cannot imagine a more horrible event.

In a situation like these one must be extremely cautious in being to quick to come to a conclusion.

Obama, with the media following suit, soon began putting the blame on the Russian separatists, and Russia itself for having supplied the separatists with the missile batteries.

Of course one expects them to capitalize on such an event to their advantage in the propaganda war having been having a particularly difficult time convincing the Europeans in backing the U.S. economic sanctions against Russia.

Many believe that this was a tragic mistake — that it was nothing more than a simple case of mistaken identity, someone taking the commercial airliner for a military aircraft, ( after all it was over a conflict zone) and this happened before, much as on July 3, 1988, the USS Vincennes fired a missile that brought down an Iranian civilian airliner in the Persian Gulf, killing 290 people, an act which President Ronald Reagan explained as an “understandable accident.”

So, to me obviously no one would intentionally shoot down a civilian airliner and the rest of the rhetoric is nothing more than one side or the other trying to gain an advantage in the propaganda war and using this tragedy to their advantage for political gain.

How despicable!

The International Civil Aviation Organization, a branch of the United Nations, warned airlines on 3 April to avoid the area.

“In addition, political and military tension between Ukraine and the Russian Federation remains high, and compliance with air traffic control instructions issued by the authorities of one country could result in a civil aircraft being misidentified as a threat and intercepted or otherwise engaged by air defense forces of the other country,” the Federal Aviation Administration said.

I thought, what responsible airline allows its aircraft to continue to fly over a known conflict zone? I think the responsibility and fault lays with Malaysian airlines officials.


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