Letter: A missing thank you

We live in the computer age, but I think organizations such as historical societies should send thank you notes, especially to speakers who are not being paid. According to experts like Post, author of Etiquette, “It is inexcusable not to thank the donor of any gift.” In our society, people of good will follow our customs and traditions by sending Thank You notes.

It has been 80 days since I spoke at Colrain Historical Society on April 10. I have been researching Colrain history and mill sites for over 25 years. In preparation for that event, I spent many hours doing research at the Registry of Deeds. I waited 30 days before sending a letter asking CHS to send me a thank You note. Since then, CHS held two public meetings along with two business meetings. Sue, I didn’t expect to be paid, but I treasure the Thank You notes I receive from all the other groups. What does CHS require in order to vote to send thank you notes?

I expected Colrain Historical Society to be respectful, to be courteous, to be polite, and because it is an historical society to act in accordance with the customs of our society. It has now been 80 days, but CHS still refuses to send me a Thank You note. I didn’t expect monetary compensation; nevertheless, I do expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. Thank you.



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