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Letter: Make enough to live

I am a student at Four Rivers Charter Public School and right now my class has just finished reading “Nickel and Dimed.” Our latest assignment was inspired off of this book. Our task was to create graphs showing how minimum wage affects the middle class. I chose to show how someone living off minimum wage and working part time really doesn’t get the money they need to survive. I took several occupations and the money made per year part-time and had it represented before and after tax. I have discovered that some jobs make enough money to support a one-person household, but my only question is, is that really an accurate portrayal of what one person is expected to live off? I was wondering if maybe the place from which I obtained my information was a little biased. This led me to think: If this is an accurate example of what part-time workers in Massachusetts are living on for money then why is this state in so much poverty? If we supposedly make enough to live on then why do so many people end up in such a trench of debt? If we want to get our country out of poverty then it’s time to raise the minimum wage. We need more money to feed into the economy. Our economy is bone dry; we need to raise the minimum wage.



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