Letter: Preserve dam site

Greenfield has many picturesque sites such as Poet’s Seat Tower. Craftsmen designed and built homes and businesses which still stand in stately rows along the wayside. Please take the time to look at the architecture.

In springtime, all the flowering trees and plants are beautiful. Thank you. The Greenfield swimming area is functional and pretty, too. However, if anyone asked me to vote for the most beautiful site in Greenfield, my vote would be for the Wing Dam at Wiley & Russell. I have never seen another dam like it. Not only is the dam one of the most important historical sites in Greenfield, it is beautiful. Who owns the land abutting the dam? Why does the town own the dam? When did Town of Greenfield take possession and would they sell it?

Nowadays, the technology is available to run power off that dam without disturbing the area much. Has anyone investigated that possibility? The dam is an asset. A committee should be formed to preserve that view instead of spending grant money to destroy it.

According to The Recorder, the people seeking demolition have spent a million dollars in their quest for dam removal. Amazing! Why would anyone pay to remove it?

Why didn’t the Town of Greenfield add a supplement to their insurance policy covering those few house lots along the river just in case they were damaged by flood waters?

The dam has been sitting there for almost 200 years, so unless someone stabilizes it, it will fall. Be patient, save money, wait until the raging waters of another Irene comes along. The power of a hurricane can easily wash the dam out and, then, Mother Nature will reclaim that area.



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