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Letter: Kicking the dog

The letter from Mr. Ratte and Ms. Purdy July 17 expresses an old human illogical reaction. I’ll call it “Kick Their Dog.”

Surely we all agree that peace and well-being is a good thing. When we think of what the factors are which express peace, food is right up there. Shared food, shared work, cooperation, happy children. What’s not to like?

In the case of the letter from Ratte and Purdy, they suggest the appropriate actions to be taken to object to Israel invading Gaza (in response to constant rockets into civilian living areas) is to not buy hummus — food — because that food is grown and processed in Israel. Even though the businesses employ Palestinian workers who depend on their paychecks to support their families. Creating food is a factor in peace, not war. But in the “Kick Their Dog” reaction, angry people, unable to actually do anything about a real problem, turn their rancor on the metaphoric “dog,” in this case, a peaceful and beneficial enterprise of making food that is available in our local stores.

Please, let’s think of ways to support the infrastructure of peace which has the potential to quiet things down — perhaps even bring sides together. Kicking the dog only moves things further from peace.



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