Letter: Wasting millions

We recently read an Associated Press article in regards to Geospatial Data and Tools being developed to assist our nation to track where our international aid ends up throughout a particular country as opposed to simply arriving in that particular country for distribution.

This article referenced a $25 million appropriation to fund this project. What has happened to our country? We are unable to move past congressional gridlock, unable to resolve “fiscal cliff” issues. You critique everyone else but yourselves for blame, etc.

America should not so easily spend money elsewhere and “fight tooth and nail” over partisan issues that affect 80 percent of us, who in the end pay a dear price for partisan decisions and those making the decisions are able to financially afford whichever decision is made.

Apply the $25 million study money to non-party arbitrators as a fee to resolve the fiscal cliff and incorporate language in aid funds to require the receiving country to use non-aid funds to track our aid to our satisfaction or do not give them any aid.

Our country has lost sight of “America First.”



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