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Mohawk grads told to keep learning, growing

Graduates march into the gym

Graduates march into the gym

SHELBURNE — The Mohawk Trail Regional School’s Class of 2013 celebrated the end of their high school careers Sunday, applauded by family, friends and faculty and exhorted to continue learning and growing.

Valedictorian Kaitlin Grant recalled a sixth-grade teacher’s food chain analogy for graduation from elementary to middle school.

“We’ve once again reached the top of that food chain, our hard work has paid off and the day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, but our hard work’s not over yet. Next year, whether in college or the work force, we’ll be back at the bottom of that food chain,” Grant said, urging her classmates to use what they have learned to continue the climb.

“While we can’t redo our past, we can see it, understand it and learn from it. We can use it to change our future.”

Franklin County Sheriff Christopher Donelan delivered the commencement address, urging graduates to take what they have learned, make their futures and participate in their community.

Donelan quoted Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw’s line, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”

“Who you are today you did not find, you are the product of your creation, and that creation has its foundations in all the interactions you’ve had here at Mohawk,” Donelan said. “Here you acquired the knowledge and skills you will need to create yourself: dedication, hard work, self discipline, here you have been challenged to grow and to change.”

Donelan urged public service as a means of continuing self development with the axiom that “the world is run by those who show up.”

Salutatorian Aliza Fassler thanked teachers for their lessons, in life and math, and reflected on the experiences and transformations of four years.

“I think it is a safe bet to say there are many more experiences and challenges ahead of us, the good news is we get to take all of our knowledge and skills with us,” Fassler said. “It’s strange that just when I get to feel comfortable in a place, it’s time to move on, but maybe that’s when you should move on.”


Pratt Prize Awards go to Jennifer Dawson and Jeremiah Jones.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens Award: Jeremiah Jones.

The Shelburne Falls Kiwanis Club Memorial Scholarship: Alexander Buntin.

The Allan Willis Memorial Scholarhsip: Lydia Morris.

The Shelburne Falls Kiwanis Club Stan Smithers Scholarship: John Hollister.

Franklin County Rotary Club Scholarship To Greenfield Community College: Dustin Brown.

Robert Strong Woodward Scholarship: Aliza Fassler.

First Wayne Phillips Scholarship and Award: Drew Pantermehl.

First Francis Rollo Kinsman Music and Theater Scholarship.: John Hollister.

William C. Pollard Memorial Scholarship.: Jeremiah Jones.

Dennis Bushey Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Robinson and Owen Bragdon.

Edgar Walter Martin Memorial Scholarship: John Hollister, Nathaniel Boyd, Drew Pantermehl And Kaylee Fiske, Morgan Dodge and Kaitlin Grant.

Linda Neil Memorial Music Scholarship: Nicholas Doneilo.

The Robert Bruffee Memorial Athletic Scholarship: Jeremiah Jones And Emily Sears.

The Larry Rancourt Scholarship: Alexander Buntin.

The Dr. John B. And Lillian C. Temple Memorial Scholarship: Rosalind Lytle-Rich.

The Earl L. Valiton Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Miner.

The Keith G. Billiel Memorial Scholarship: Will Booth.

The Harold And Alyce Streeter Scholarship: Taylor Cote.

Greenfield Community College Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship: Megan Donovan

Shelburne Falls Military Band Scholarship: Kaitlin Grant, John Hollister.

Arms Academy Fund: Kaitlin Grant, Hannah Finck, Alma Crawford-Mendoza, Lucille Mccormick, Jennifer Dawson, Katelyn Carmody, Christine Russell, Owen Bragdon.

Helen E. Long Memorial Scholarship For Agriculture: John Hollister.

Charles White Scholarship, Rachel Purington: Megan Wiles.

Trustees Of Sanderson Academy Scholarship: Emily Sears, Brendon Gray, Elizabeth Porter, Zachary Stafford, Ryan Pease.

Buckland, Charlemont, Shelburne Police DeparTment Scholarship: Ryan Pease, Drew Pantermehl.

Colrain P.T.O.: Matthew Sherman, Megan Wiles.

DOUG TURNER: Danielle Hartnett, Jeremiah Jones, Katelyn Carmody.

MAA – Samuel Howell Sylvester: Jeremiah Jones, Jennifer Dawson.

Clifford “Chuck” MacAdam Scholarship: Danielle Hartnett, Dustin Brown.

Mohawk District Education Association: Brendon Gray, Adrianna Whalen, Hannah Finck, Owen Bragdon, Caitlin Millett.

Warren Davenport Memorial: Caitlin Millett.

Arms Academy Scholarship Fund Trust: Alexander Buntin, Katelyn Carmody, Kaitlin Grant, Brendon Gray, Rosalind Lytle-Rich, Rachel Purington, Alex Rice, Rory Fisher, Danielle Hartnett, John Hollister, Drew Pantermehl, Emily Sears, Taylor Cote, Jaquille Gardner, Adrianna Whalen, Megan Wiles.

Ruth And Alfred Carpenter, Sr. Memorial Scholarships: Brendon Gray, Alex Rice.

Maude Frances Fund: Owen Bragdon, Hannah Finck, Kaitlin Grant, Lucille Mccormick, Christine Russell.

Charlemont Alumni: Dustin Brown.

Charlemont Lions Club: Alex Rice, Will Booth.

Charlemont Women’s Club: Alexander Buntin.

Heath Ladies Aid Scholarship: Connor Steele-McCutchen.

Class Of 1959 Scholarship: Jeremiah Jones.

Clifton L. Mcnight: Katelyn Carmody.

Cowell: Jamie Hoynoski.

Colrain Community Church: Danielle Hartnett.

Carl H. Nilman Scholarships: Alexander Buntin, Katelyn Carmody, Kaitlin Grant, Brendon Gray, John Hollister, Drew Pantermehl, Rachel Purington, Christine Russell, Will Booth, Hannah Finck, Danielle Hartnet, Connor Maloney, Lydia Morris, Elisabeth Porter, Christine Raymond, Alex Rice, Rosalind Lytle-Ric, Nathaniel Boyd, Dustin Brown, Morgan Dodge, Zachary Stafford, Autumn Upham, Adrianna Whalen, Taylor Cote, Jennifer Dawson, Whitney Roberts, Emily Sears, Megan Wiles.

Women Of The Moose Chapter 316: Christine Russell, Adrianna Whalen.

Mohawk Music Association Scholarships: John Hollister, Kaitlin Grant, Alma Crawford Mendoza, Rachel Purington, Jessica Robinson.

Shelburne Falls Woman’s Club: Kaitlyn Carmody, Rachel Purington, Jessica Robinson, Leah Yeglinski, Brendon Gray, John Hollister.

Shelburne Falls Fraternal Order Of Eagles Scholarships: Alex Buntin, Connor Maloney.

Greenfield Lodge Of Elks Sandri, Ulrich Russell Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Doneilo.

Buckland Shelburne Elementary PTO: Kaitlin Grant, Rosalind Lytle-Rich, Leah Yeglinski, Katelyn Carmody, Hannah Finck, Jennifer Fields.

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Ida Miller Scholarship: $1,500: Kaitlin Grant.

Deerfield Plastics/Barker Family Scholarship: Rachel Purington.

Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society: Drew Pantermehl.

Ashfield Citizen Scholarship and Community Fund: Elisabeth Porter, Zachary Stafford, Emily Sears.

Peter Marsters Memorial Fund: Brendon Gray, Drew Pantermehl.

Ashfield Citizen Scholarship and Community Fund Van Valkenburg Scholarship: Brendon Gray, Drew Pantermehl, Emily Sears.

Plainfield Congregational Church Scholarships: $800: Jaquille Gardner.

Yankee Motor Club Scholarships: Katelyn Carmody, Danielle Hartnett.

Fred Wells Scholarships: Alexander Buntin, Katelyn Carmody, Taylor Cote, Alma Crawford-Mendoza, Aliza Fassler, Hannah Finck, Rory Fisher, Kaylee Fiske, Kaitlin Grant, Brendon Gray, Fallon Guin, John Hollister, Jeremiah Jones, Rosalind Lytle-Rich, Connor Maloney, Drew Pantermehl, Elizabeth Porter, Whitney Roberts, Jessica Robinson, Christine Russell, Emily Sears, Leah Yeglinski.

The following students have received the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: Owen Bragdon, Alexander Buntin, Kelly Corbeil, Alma Crawford Mendoza, Jennifer Dawson, Hannah Finck, Kaitlin Grant, Brendon Gray, Fallon Guin, Keegan Herringshaw, John Hollister, Jeremiah Jones, Lucille McCormick, Lydia Morris, Bryanna Nolan, Rachel Purington, Alex Rice, Jessica Robinson, Alyssa Sinistore, Zachory Stafford, Connor Steele-McCutchen, Autumn Upham.

Mohawk Athletic Awards

McDonald McScholar Athlete: Alma Crawford-Mendoza, Jeremiah Jones.

MIAA Citizenship Award: Jeremiah Jones.

Massachusetts All State Team,:Bryan Scwartz.

Malah Murray: Morgan Dodge.

Lisa Burdick: Roz Lytle-Rich.

Bunker Martin: Jeremiah Jones.

Bobby Wells: Connor Maloney.

Outstanding Female Athlete: Danielle Hartnett.

Paul Fink Memorial Outstanding Male Athlete: Jeremiah Jones.

Scholarship Awards

Chuck MacAdams Memorial Scholarships: Dustin Brown, Danielle Hartnett.

William F. Casey Scholarship: Hannah Finck.


Rachel Ahearn, Katherine Allen, Dane Amstein, Theodore Barnhart, Alexis Berry, Skyelar Besaw, Will Booth, Nathaniel Boyd, Owen Bragdon, Dustin Brown, Alexander Buntin, Anthony Campbell-Tartaglia, Kyle Cardaropoli, Katelyn Carmody, Christopher Churchill Jr., Jacob Clark, Kelly Corbeil, Taylor Cote, Alma Crawford Mendoza, Justice Crossman, Jacobya Dailey-Zimmerman, Michelle Dawicki, Jennifer Dawson, Morgan Dodge, Nicholas Doneilo, Megan Donovan, Shane Duport, Aliza Fassler, Jennifer Field, Hannah Finck, Rory Fisher, Kaylee Fiske, Giovanna Galvagni, Jaquille Gardner, Stephen Gaulin, Cody Gerry, Kaitlin Grant, Brendon Gray, Fallon Guin, Rebecca Hager, Danielle Hartnett, Keegan Herringshaw, John Hollister, Jamie Hoynoski, Jeremiah Jones, Aidan Kim, Bethaney Kugler, Jaimye Larsen, Anthony Lawson, Kyle Leger, Ashley Livigne, Matthew London, Jacob Lowell, Rosalind Lytle-Rich, Connor Maloney, Lucille McCormick, ErinRose Messenger, Caitlin Millet, Christopher Miner, Megan Miskolczi, Lydia Morris, Eryk Murray, Bryanna Nolan, Drew Pantermehl, Ryan Pease, Wyatt Pease, Kaitlyn Pfisterer, Elisabeth Porter, Rachel Purington, Christine Raymond, Alex Rice, Whitney Roberts, Jessica Robinson, Christine Russell, Bryan Schwartz, Emily Sears, Matthew Sherman, Alyssa Sinistore, Zachary Stafford, Connor Steele-McCutchen, Norman Tatro, Sophie Taylor, Krista Upadhyay, Autumn Upham and Adrianna Whalen.

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