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If demons exist, where are they?

“Dark Energy”

I have been fortunate to participate in healing prayer ministry for over 30 years.

The process of healing has taught me many things. Through the years of praying I have developed a gift of prophesy, a gift of hearing and seeing messages from the Holy Spirit.

I have been blessed to see images of people’s past, seeing image-messages of love, forgiveness, peace and joy. I also have seen images of angels. In all these years of “seeing” with the eyes of my spirit, I have never seen demons.

In counseling and therapy, I have come to see how each of us is wounded in life.

Sometimes the wounds are so painful that we bury them within ourselves. People are so afraid of the pain they might suffer in reliving the wounding experiences that they often “demonize” parts of themselves. People also demonize parts of themselves that they find unacceptable. Many Christians demonize their sexuality because of church teachings. Projection is a way of demonizing parts of ourselves.

I have seen dark energy with people that appears like visual depression or the wounds caused by negative people.

Whether there are demons or not, the cure is the same. People are healed by love.

In the presence of a loving therapist or the love of God that can be intensely experienced in healing prayer, love heals our hurts and our wounds.

— Pastor Marcia Fleischman, Broadway Church, Kansas City, Mo.

“Whom resist”

There are demons and demon possession of individuals, of which the New Testament renders unprecedented circumstances of demonic presence among human beings.

Demons inherit their identity from the biblical text that declares the devil, the Satan. All demonic activity comes from the devil, the Satan, whose work and role on Earth is described in scripture.

Consider: “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” For this reason we are told with words of challenge: “Whom resist.” (1st Peter 5:8-9a)

Demons “enter” the body, but manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Living bad lifestyles attracts demons. If bad living habits become just that — habit — there comes a possession that holds and controls, causing action that under normal circumstances would not happen.

Jesus met a man who was demon-possessed with an unclean spirit. Jesus asked the man his name, “What is thy name?” The man had become such a demon that he called himself “Legion.” The man’s reply was, “my name is Legion because we are many.” (Mark 5:1-20)

Jesus healed then; Jesus is yet the healer in today’s world. This text teaches that evil spirits need habitation, body habitation. Religions don’t heal the body of demonism, but it’s the name Jesus.

— The Rev. Raymond Davis, Jr., founder and pastor emeritus of Greater Corinthian Church of the Christ, Kansas City.

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