Vermont trio faces heroin charges

BERNARDSTON — Three Vermonters face drug charges after state police allegedly found more than 350 bags of heroin in their vehicle during an interstate highway stop.

Heather Megaro, 34, of Newark, Vt., pleaded innocent to charges of possession of heroin, being present where heroin is kept, and conspiracy to violate drug laws, in Greenfield District Court Thursday.

Jacob Spencer, 27, of Sutton, Vt., pleaded innocent to charges of possession of heroin with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws and failing to wear a seat belt Monday.

Victoria Kiethan, 32, of Lyndonville, Vt., will be summoned to court on charges of possession of heroin with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws, driving without a license, and driving a car with a cracked windshield and obstructed license plate.

The trio was pulled over Sunday after trooper Michael McNally pulled onto Interstate 91 northbound in Bernardston and noticed the car’s cracked windshield as it passed him, according to his arrest report.

When he approached the driver, he noticed that her hands were covered in scabbed-over track marks, and her pupils were constricted, both indicators of heroin use, he wrote.

When she was asked if there was heroin in the vehicle, Kiethan told him they had pooled their money and driven to the Forest Park area of Springfield to buy about 400 bags of heroin for about $1,800, according to the report.

She told McNally her passengers were about to “body pack” the drugs, by wrapping them in plastic wrap and inserting them into a body cavity, McNally wrote. Kiethan told him the majority of the drugs were in her purse, where 353 “unbranded” bags were found, he wrote.

A search of Megaro’s wallet turned up three bags of heroin branded “bad wave,” and tucked behind her driver’s license, wrote McNally. A search of the vehicle turned up several syringes and numerous empty, used heroin bags, McNally wrote.

Spencer, the owner of the car, denied any knowledge of the drugs, and told McNally they were simply on their way back from the Hartford, Wal-Mart, the trooper wrote.

Later, Spencer told McNally he had been using heroin for about 10 years, and used to make frequent trips to Chicopee to buy the drug, which sold for $15 to $20 per bag in Sutton, Vt., according to the report.

He told McNally that state police were “getting smarter” in regards to heroin, and that he never had to be so careful when running drugs between Chicopee and Vermont years ago, wrote McNally.

Megaro was released on $100 cash bail, and set to return to court June 5. Spencer was released, and scheduled to appear again June 24. A date for Kiethan’s arraignment was not available Thursday.

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