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UMass research aiding juveniles in corrections system gets fellowship

AMHERST — A University of Massachusetts doctoral student studying how best to teach science to juveniles in youth correctional facilities, has received a national fellowship to aid her research. Christina Anderson Bosch, who is pursuing a doctoral degree in special education in the College of Education at UMass, was awarded a fellowship to work with the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education, according to a statement this week from the university. She works with UMass-led Project RAISE (Reclaiming Access to Inquiry-based Science Education), which 0

UMass reacts to phony ‘White Student Union’ Facebook page

AMHERST — A recently created “UMass Amherst Area White Students Union” Facebook page is not associated with the University of Massachusetts or any student groups, according to campus officials, and appears to be one of a number of similar hoax pages reported at colleges and universities around the country. UMass student trustee Emily O’Neil, writing in a post shared by the official UMass Facebook page, said the phony page was likely created as part of a “national campaign by Internet trolls.” In a statement Tuesday, 0

Final UMass 2012 rape defendant competent for trial

NORTHAMPTON — The last of four men accused of raping a University of Massachusetts Amherst student in her dorm room has been found competent to stand trial following a mental health evaluation. Jury selection in the trial of Caleb Womack, 20, is scheduled to begin Monday. The trial had been expected to begin with jury selection Nov. 16, but was delayed when a court-affiliated psychologist testified on Nov. 13 that Womack was suffering from depression and unable to make rational decisions. After hearing that testimony, 0

Changes afoot at Hampshire Mall as Best Buy, GlowGolf exit

HADLEY — Hampshire Mall management hopes to name a new tenant for the former Best Buy space within the next 30 to 60 days — but the replacement of the former anchor store won’t come in time for the holiday shopping season, according to Dennis Golas, operations manager for the mall. “We’re working very hard to fill in the space; we know it is valuable,” he said. Golas said having the space vacant would affect sales in some parts of the mall, which is owned 0

Smith College clarifies stance on media coverage of sit-ins

NORTHAMPTON — Smith College has issued a statement clarifying the college’s stance toward the media, claiming that some press coverage incorrectly stated that Smith supported banning the media at Wednesday’s sit-in. Some 300 Smith students gathered at the Campus Center Wednesday to support students of color on campuses across the nation and to address racism at Smith. According to the statement issued by the Office of College Relations, “Several media reports have inaccurately characterized the college as supporting restrictions on media; the college supports no 0

Sounds good: large lecture, small class

Ah, the freshman class at the big state U — the one with 300-plus students crowded into a lecture hall as the professor delivers the day’s lesson from a stage, perhaps with a few visual backdrops to try and make the material more understandable. As Jason Hooper sees things, it doesn’t have to be that way. Hooper, who teaches a number of music theory and aural skills courses at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is taking a different approach this year in his Music Theory 0

GCC might move nursing program back to Smith

NORTHAMPTON — Greenfield Community College’s Licensed Practical Nurse program may return to its roots at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School as early as next summer. The program has been housed at several locations across the Pioneer Valley in recent years, including the Veterans Administration Hospital in Leeds, the GCC’s downtown center on Main Street in Greenfield and currently, in Florence in a building leased by Cooley Dickinson Hospital. “They worked to make that happen when it was clear that was in the best interest 0

Students at UMass, Amherst College demand change

AMHERST — Student protesters seeking equity for marginalized students at Amherst College praised College President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin for meeting with them and agreeing to a number of their demands Friday evening. Among student demands were that Martin issue a statement of apology to Amherst College community members who have been the victims of injustices on campus related to being a part of a marginalized segment of the population. The students also demanded she support the removal of “Lord Jeff,” named for Lord Jeffrey Amherst, 0

Smith College protest over racism on campus supports actions at University of Missouri

NORTHAMPTON — About 200 Smith College students, Dean of the College Donna Lisker, and faculty and staff members joined in front of the Campus Center in the rain at noon Wednesday, calling attention to racism on campus and supporting similar actions at Ithaca College and University of Missouri. Raven Fowlkes-Witten, chairwoman of the student organization Multiethnic Interracial Smith College, organized the walkout, which lasted about 20 minutes, so that students could stand “in solidarity with the Ithaca College walkout against the overt racism from their 0

Deal would fund UMass pay raises, aid for students

AMHERST — The presidents of the state Senate and University of Massachusetts have reached an agreement under which UMass may receive $10.9 million for employee pay raises after the money was removed from a supplemental budget approved last week. UMass, meanwhile, would establish a $5 million financial aid fund if the money for pay raises is approved. The Senate removed the $10.9 million from the supplemental budget at the request of President Stanley C. Rosenberg, D-Amherst, because Martin T. Meehan, president of the university, ruled 0