Real Estate/Changing Hands


Hall Funding Trust, Helen I. Hall, individually & Trustee and Benjamin H. Hall, and William E. Hall, Trustees, to John B. Hall Family Trust, Benjamin H. Hall Trustee and, Helen I. Hall Living Trust, Helen I. Hall, Trustee. 161 Emmet Road. Less than $100


Kim Klein, of Shelburne, to Klein Investment Trust, Kim Klein, Trustee. 47 School Street. $1.00


Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield, of Springfield, to Laurie Cuevas, of Cheshire. 83-85 North Main Street. $225,000

Casey Fahey, Nicole J. Fahey “aka’’ Nichole J. Fahey to Kevin A. Wrisley and Brittany M. Wrisley, of Greenfield. 66B Stillwater Road. Unit B., Pine Tree Acre Condominium. $184,000

Joshua M. Malouin Trust, William Hayre, Mariellen Hayre, and Mariellen Malouin, Trustees, to William Hayre and Mariellen Hayre. 9 North Hillside Road. $1.00

Vivian Crowley, “aka’’ Vivian F. Crowley, of Whitman, to John H. Herron, Sr., and JoAnn W. Herron, of Shelburne. No address listed for Deerfield. (land also in Shelburne). $75,000

Katharine Wilby, of Greenfield, to Richard W. Wilby, Jr., and Sheila A. LaGrenade. 30 Old Main Street. $437,500

Richard W. Wilby, Jr., to Richard W. Wilby, Jr., and Sheila A. LaGrenade. 30 Old Main Street. $1.00


Kevin S. Dubreuil and Gail L. Dubreuil, of Montague, to Steven A. Miss and Catharine S. Seymour. 4 Goodell Place. $155,000


Fannie Mae, “aka’’ Federal National Mortgage Association, of Dallas Tx, by attorney, Korde & Associates, PC, Attorney, to Donald S. Bigelow and Charlotte Mierzwa. 16 Walnut Street. $72,500


Paula Jean McKee, of Danville, Ca., Gail Ellen Strong, of Rocky Hill, Ct., Mark Charles Widdison, “aka’’ Mark C. Widdison, of Windham, N.H., Timothy Alan Widdison, of South Deerfield, and Susan Joyce Budrewicz, Jon Robert Widdison, “aka’’ Jon R. Widdison, and Valerie P. Widdison, to Bernard V. Mann and Ruth J. Mann. 19 Shattuck Street. $189,000

Viola M. Knowlton Revocable Trust, Viola M. Knowlton, Trustee, to William C. Whiteman. 40 Mary Potter Lane. $218,000

Philip E. Johnson and Esther M. Johnson, to Johnson 2013 Irrevocable Trust, Eriv Johnson and Kristian Johnson, Trustees. 25 Keegan Lane. Unit 3B College Park Condominium. $1.00

Philip E. Johnson and Esther M. Johnson, to Johnson 2013 Irrevocable Trust, Philip E. Johnson and Esther M. Johnson, Trustees, 9 Ester Avenue. $1.00

Joseph R. Charron, III, and Marie P. Charron, to Robert K. Moorhead and Andrea D. Moorhead, of Deerfield. 106 Meadow Lane. $322,000

James P. Hickey and Nancy J. Hickey, to Jennifer Isotti Revocable Trust Agreement, James P. Hickey, Jr., and John P. Hickey, individually and Trustees. 128 Sanderson Street. $1.00

Paul Eldridge, “aka’’ Paul D. Eldridge, to Andrew M. Cloutier. 28 Wunsch Road. $166,000

Mt. Tom Properties, LLC, of Easthampton, to Cathleen M. Mitchell. 61 Grove Street. $65,000

Cathleen M. Mitchell, to Mitchell Family Realty Trust, Cathleen M. Mitchell, Trustee. 61 Grove Street. $1.00

Jacob G. Toomey, to Jennifer M. Toomey. 272 Federal Street. $1.00

Jordan Quinn Consultin, LLC, of Millers Falls, to Center for Human Development, Inc. 148 Montague City Road. $150,000

Ruth C. Clough, to Alan G. Clough, of Dekalb, Il., and Cathy L. Clough. 33 Cleveland Street. $1.00

Jon Scott Tirrell and Pamela J. Tirrell, to Pamela J. Tirrell. 31 Cleveland Street. $1.00

Joseph W. Audette, to Audette Investment Trust, Joseph W. Audette, Trustee. 874 Country Club Road. $1.00


Hugh V. D. Schoelzel, to Maplestone, LLC, of Hawley. 118 Plainfield Road. Less than $100


Carol S. Hetrick, of Florence, to Rosemarie Lega, of Belchertown. 53 Richardston Road. $280,000


Stephen M. Bobetsky, to Shane M. Gilstrap, of Fairchild AFB, Wa. 182 Brattleboro Road. $1.00


Daniel J. Cassidy and Debbie J. Cassidy of Medway, ME to Erich Hasenjaeger of Walpole. 10 Willey Road. $250,000

James A. Van Natta and Reina M. Van Natta, of Northfield, to John T. Hasenjaeger, of East Walpole. Main Road. $260,000


Leslie G. Cromack and Enise D. Cromack, to Tim A. Dusenberry and Sabine G. Dusenberry, of Greenfield. 74 Park Street. $140,000

Fannie Mae “aka’’ Federal National Mortgage Association, to Harbour Portfolio, VI, LP, of Dallas, Tx. 104 Third Street. No Consideration

Direct Properties, LLC, of Las Vegas, Nv., to peter Quintana. 104 Third Street. $30,000

Helen F. Parker Estate, and Lucy G. Melnick, to Angela M. Amidon. 9 Clark Avenue. $135,000


Northfield Mount Hermon School, to Kathleen L. Hebert. School Street. No Consideration

Andrew MacCallum Burdick of Riverside, Ct., and Edward Hart Burdick, of Rye, N.Y. to William Robert Glover and Linda Kellogg Glover, of Morgan Hill, Ca. 12 East Lane. No Consideration

Samuel J. Browning, Jr., to Adam T. McCarthy. 50 Warwick Road. $165,000

Francis Larson, to Francis Larson and Laura Z. Velazquez. 25 Ferncliff Avenue. $1.00

Robert J. Cooley and Vera Cooley, “aka’’ Vera J. Cooley, to Robert J. Cooley Investment Trust, Robert J. Cooley, Trustee, and Vera J. Cooley Investment Trust, Vera J. Cooley, Trustee. 27 Hamilton Drive. $1.00

Alan S. Bolton and Grace L. Bolton, to Wayne Ward and Virginia Ward. 81 East Street. $1.00

AR Sandri, Inc., of Greenfield, to David G. Quinn, Jr., and Paula M. Quinn. Main Street. $255,000


Joyce Estelle Pratt, to Harry A. Pratt, or Gardner, Virginia E. Pratt and Vivian A. Pratt. 73 Fountain Street. $1.00

William A. Spooner, III, and Ruth A. Spooner, to Joseph Agnello and Sharon Agnello, of Wallingford, Ct. 114 Eagleville Road. $42,000

Aaron A. Kendall and Stephanie J. Kendall, to Aaron A. Kendall. 145 Town Farm Road. $1.00


John M. Hoffman and Kathleen M. Hoffman, of Shelburne, to Unitarian Universalist Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Inc. 312 Zoar Road. $385,000


Vivian Crowley, “aka’’ Vivian F. Crowley, of Whitman, to John H. Herron, Sr., and Jo Ann W. Herron, of Shelburne. Guy Manners Road. (land also in Deerfield). $75,000

Karen O. Moore, to Moore Investment Trust, Karen O. Moore, Trustee. 23 Maple Street. $1.00

Angus Dun, III, and Laurel D. Dun, to Aaron J. Dun, of Arlington, and Paula H. Brault, of Northfield. 164 Old Albany Road. $1.00

Angus Dun, III, and Laurel D. Dun, to Aaron J. Dun and Paula H. Brault. 164 Old Albany Road. $1.00


Vicki S. Davey, of Dallas, Tx., to Peter V. Nyzio and Amy E. Chalifoux-Nyzio. Lake Drive. $8,000


Janice Wood Estate, of Northampton, Dorian Leigh Gregory, Executor, to Meegan L. Schreiber, of Northampton. 215 North Silver Lane. $189,000

ServiceNet, Inc., of Northampton, to Valley Building Co., Inc., of Hadley. 66 Old Amherst Road. $265,000


JAWK, Inc. of South Deerfield, to Roy Giangregorio, “dba’’ Contemporary Country Builders. Grey Oak Lane, Lot 5. $90,000

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