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Real Estate/Changing Hands


Timothy W. Artus and Sharyn A. Artus to Daniel Potter and Samantha Anna Fabian, 19A Chapin Road, $215,000.


Gertrude Schechterle Estate, Bonnie McCloud to Michael W. Leach of Greenfield, 11 Burrington Road, $112,500.

Michael Schmitt to Robert Deraway, 132 Main St., $85,000.

Gene C. Cetto and Lorraine C. Cetto to Brian C. Rose and Rachel E. Rose of Deerfield, 80 Warner Hill Road, $230,000.

Claudia J. Johnson by SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., of Richmond, Va., to Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association of Dallas, TX, 8 North St., $111,536.


Lorna F. Benton, formerly known as Lorna F. Kazokas of Westfield, Althea J. Dodge of Whitingham, Vt., Brenda C. Stafford of Shelburne and Carol A. Shippee to Herzig Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Erna C. Herzig, trustee, 15 Franklin Hill Road, $1.


Michael A. White to Barbara A. Munro of Northampton, 230 South Ashfield Road, $295,000.


Kelly L. Gauthier, formerly known as Kelly L. Conner, to Kelly L. Gauthier and Daniel L. Gauthier, 38 Elm Circle, $1.

Cheryl A. Powers, formerly known as Cheryl A. Mowry, to Timothy F. Viles, Lynn F. Viles and Amanda M. Viles of Westfield, 14A Boynton Road East, Unit 2A, Mountainview Condo, $192,500.

Tatiana Scott of Belmont to Eric Lichter and Marie Tobin of Weston, 49 Whitmore Ferry Road, $495,000.

Michael A. Urkiel to Lucas G. Hanks and Nicole B. Hanks of Orange, 640 Greenfield Road, also known as Routes 5 & 10, $165,000.

Michael A. Urkiel to Lucas G. Hanks and Nicole B. Hanks of Orange, Greenfield Road, also known as Routes 5 & 10, $1.


Karen Roos, by U.S. Bank, NA, trustee, by attorney, Selene Finance, LP, attorney, to U.S. Bank NA, trustee, 14 South Cross Road, $165,000.


Mark I. Berson and Ellen M. Berson to Ellen M. Berson, 636 Bernardston Road, $1.

Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, also known as Fannie Mae, and Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney to Aaron Ward of Sunderland, 278 Conway St., $97,900.

Warren T. Pittenger and Kathryn Pittenger to Carl Silver and Sarah B. Gott, 20 Albert Ave., $170,000.

Barbara S. Thomas to Allen Marshall Baker, 29 Brookside Ave., $181,000.

Charles Peter Billiel Estate, also known as Charles P. Billiel Estate and David Billiel to Janice A. McGuane, 52 Pierce St., $86,000.

Mary Jane Plizga and Anthony Plizga of Randolph (MA), Deborah E. Kirkwood of Clinton, N.Y., and Edward Hatfield to Matthew E. Hall and Patricia K. Robertson of Charlemont, 72 Vernon St., $136,300.

Christene M. Libbares Revocable Trust, Christene M. Libbares, trustee, to Randall O. Bernard and Sally W. Bernard, Oakland Street, $1.

Patricia A. Harris, Robert H. Harris, Stephen G. Harris, Susan D. Harris, Diane M. Holmes and Linda A. Lipkis to Country Club Road, LLC, 40 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 17, Silver Crest Condominiums, $1.

Country Club Road, LLC, to Robert H. Harris, Stephen G. Harris, Susan D. Harris, Diane M. Holmes and Linda A. Lipkis, 40 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 18, Silver Crest Condominiums, $1.

Robert H. Harris, Stephen G. Harris, Susan D. Harris, Diane M. Holmes and Linda A. Lipkis to Patricia A. Harris, 40 Silver Crest Lane, Unit 18, Silver Crest Condominiums, $1.

Judith B. Stein of Amherst to Richard A. Avonti of West Springfield, 15 Phillips St. Just $100.

Richard S. Stein to Steven W. Avonti and Carol J. Avonti, 72-76 High St., less than $100.

Karen B. LaClair of Hadley to William J. Bontempi of Wilbraham, 60 Overland Road, $1.


Jean F. Caracciolo Estate and John F. Dutton of Tolland, Conn., to Michael C. Shattuck and Charles A. Shattuck Jr., 230 Number Nine Road, $170,000.

Linda Veilleux Cloutier Estate, also known as Linda V. Cloutier Estate, Benoit Cloutier, executor, to Benoit Jean Cloutier, 51A Taylor Brook Road, $1.

Lori A. Striplin of Ware to Kenneth L. LaPlante of Palmer, Mohawk Estates, Waterfall Drive, $10,000.


Mary Whitmore McClintock of Concord (MA), also known as Mary W. McClintock to Jackson Hill Road Realty Trust of 2013 of Concord, Mary W. McClintock, trustee, Jackson Hill Road, $1.


George E. Houghton and Patricia B. Houghton of Guilford, Vt., to Susan G. Fiske of Greenfield, Oak Hill Road, $6,000.


Francis Dobosz and Mary E. Dobosz of Davis, Calif., to Dobosz Family Trust, Francis J. Dobosz and Mary E. Dobosz, trustees, 18 Dunton St., $1.

Carole A. Conway to Bernard G. Conway of Tuchahoe, N.Y., and Sonya A. Conway, 244 Montague City Road, $1.

Nathaniel J. Malloy and Emily M. Malloy, formerly known as Emily M. Hughes, to Jonathan B. Scully and Jennifer L. Watkins, 25 Montague St., $207,500.

Robert L. Adams to Catherine M. Cronk, 4 Ninth Ave., Lake Pleasant section of Montague, $127,000.

Sharon Harrington Estate, formerly known as Sharon A. Parda Estate, and Philip Harrington, to Paul A. Thayer Jr. and Leigh Ann P. Thayer, 83 Montague St., $125,000.

Edward F. Wilcox III and Toni S. Wilcox to John E. Cagle, 50 Prospect St., $243,000.


Donna L. Macomber of Brattleboro, Vt., and Helen L. Johnson to Edward P. Dechellis Jr. and Robert Girard of South Hadley, 233 Old Wendell Road, $210,000.


Dale E. Burk to Dale Burk Revocable Living Trust, Dale E. Burk, trustee, 88 Warwick Road, $1.

Louis J. Bacci of Cambridge to Deborah Corser Bacci, formerly known as Deborah J. Corser, 240 Tully Road, $1.

Stanley R. Ballou and Marlene Ballou, formerly known as Marlene M. Naranjo of North Swanzey, N.H., to Stanley R. Ballou, 75 Daniel Shays Highway, less than $100.

Stanley R. Ballou to Craig Ballou of Shelburne Falls, 75 Daniel Shays Highway, less than $100.

Chandler Family Trust, VI, John W. Chandler, trustee, to Arthur D. Johnson and Maureen L. Johnson of Erving, 12 Chase St., $99,900.


John F. Rossi to John F. Rossi and Martha Rossi, 54 Brittingham Hill Road. No consideration.

John F. Rossi to John F. Rossi and Martha Rossi, 72 Brittingham Hill Road. No consideration.


Peter J. Rowell and Jean R. Rowell of South Easton to Susan M. Wright, South Silver Lane, $1.

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