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Real Estate/Changing Hands


Scott G. Lesure and Sally J. Rice to Hoff Family Trust, Survivors Trust Trust A, of Salinas, CA, Mary F. Hoff, trustee, 81 Baptist Corner Road, $165,000.

Walter A. Whitney, Jr., Estate and Faye A. Whitney to Scott G. lesure and Sally J. Rice, 50 Whitney Acres, $180,000.


Gary A. Thurston of Sault Ste. Marie, MI, and Elizabeth L. Thurston of Turners Falls to Keir Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Robert B. Keir and Sandra B. Keir of South Deerfield, trustees, 51 West Mountain Road, $120,000.

Jacques A. LaMuniere, also known as Jacques A. LaMunierrr, to Celt C. Grant, 78 Church St., $265,000.


John J. MacDougall to John J. MacDougall Revocable Trust, John J. MacDougall, trustee, 4 Creamery Ave., $1.


Winsor J. Mitchell and Judith E. Mitchell to Judith E. Mitchell, 2183 Mohawk Trail, $1.


Magdalena K. Wood of Greenfield to Leea R. Snape, 9 North Catamount Road and 11 North Catamount Road, $1.

Cynthia E. Merritt, also known as Cynthia Elizabeth Merritt of Orono, ME, and Priscilla A. Merritt, formerly known as Priscilla A. Wang of Glastonbury, CT, to James C. Lyons and Jill Horton-Lyons of Leverett, 340 Wilson Hill Road, $300,000.


Cynthia M. Jarvis to Mark D. Jarvis and Todd W. Jarvis, 183 Lower Road, $1.

Helen F. Ostrowski, also known as Helen Frances Ostrowski, to Edwin A. Ostrowski Jr. of Pleasant Hill, CA, and Stephanie Ann Dobrydnio of Amherst, 63 South Mill River Road, $1.

Susan J. Dinan of Greenfield to Jane E. Gibbs of Turners Falls, Old World Road, $1.

Edna C. Szymanski to Jo-Ann Marie Denehy of Whately and Nancy Jean Shyloski of Olde Lyme, CT, 176 North Main St., Conway Road, Greenfield Road and Mill Village Road, $1.


Debra A. Rosenlund, also known as Deborah A. Rosenlund of Hadley to Robert L. Miller of Erving, French King Highway, 3.75 acres, $10,000.

Elizabeth W. Ramlow to Elizabeth W. Ramlow Revocable Trust Agreement, Elizabeth W. Ramlow, trustee, 51 Wood Ave., $1.


Richard A. Burkill and Janet E. Robert, formerly known as Janet E. Rozak of Millers Falls to Susan K. Farber, 33 Birth St., $145,000.

Florence S. Dashiell Estate, Rosemary LaBay of Lake Worth, Fla., to Ann M. Hall, 1035 Bernardston Road, $138,000.

WEEMEG, LLC, of Greenfield to James A. Allen and Margaret J. Allen, 11-15 High St., $1.


Gerald P. Couture of Punta Gorda, FL, to Ted P. Palmer of Westford, Modoc Street, Lot 14, $3,500.


Jeffrey P. Roth-Howe and Deborah S. Roth-Howe, to Jeffrey P. Roth-Howe Revocable Trust, Jeffrey P. Roth-Howe, trustee, 57 Teawaddle Hill Road and land off of Teawaddle Hill Road, $1.

Juan Carlos Arean and Nancy D. Raines to Jonathan R. Thompson and Amanda L. Robillard of Hume, VA, 108 Old Mountain Road, $395,000.

John Foster, also known as John W. Foster to John W. Foster and Jamie R. Chew, Long Plain Road, $1.


Shelly A. Ball and Betty A. Dobias to Marsha J. Odle of Greenfield, 428 Brattleboro Road, $110,000.


DOT DIP, LLC, by Greenfield Co-operative Bank of Greenfield to Stage II Enterprises Inc. of Gill, 166 Avenue A, $135,000.

Rodney J. Brunelle, Daryl L. Brunelle and Cina R. Brunelle to Daryl L. Brunelle and Jessica M. Brunelle, 3 Bernardo Drive, $1.

Thomas F. Ducharme and Dorothy M. Ducharme to Jacqueline M. Krzykowski, 5 Emond St., less than $100.


Marian A. Holbrook Revocable Trust, Richard L. Holbrook, III, and Rebecca H. Frost, trustees, to Christina A. Pike of Bernardston, 38 East St., formerly known as 34B East St., $173,000.

Corinne Burnham, formerly known as Corinne Paulsen of Winchester, N.H., to Jonathan T. Heydenreich and Marsha P. Heydenreich of North Andover, 302 Warwick Road, $182,000.

Charlotte M. Martin of Raleigh, N.C., to Charlotte M. Martin Revocable Trust of Raleigh, N.C., Charlotte M. Martin, trustee, 80 Woodruff Way, $1.


Curtis J. Rand, also known as Curtis I. Rand and Pamela J. Rand to Rand Family Trust, Curtis J. Rand and Pamela J. Rand, trustees, 280 Mayo Road, $1.


Richard H. Easton and Gloria J. Easton to John N. Hoffman and Kathleen Hoffman, 452 Colrain-Shelburne Road, $375,000.


Joyce M. Bouchard of Wilbraham, David Mitchell Jr. of Alstead, N.H., Guy C. Mitchell of Ware, Jerry A. Mitchell of Ludlow and Dale E. Shelton of Ludlow to Kent a. Whitney and Jean H. Whitney of Sunderland, 24 Lake Drive, $173,000.


Brandon W. Hall and Lisa P. Hall, formerly known as Lisa P. Barnes of Colrain, to Brandon W. Hall, 206 Locke Hill Road, also known as 206 Locks Hill Road, less than $100.

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