Real Estate Changing Hands


James G. Clarke Estate, James H. Clarke, Jay M. Clarke and Kendra A. Clarke of South Deerfield and Andrew S. Clarke of Aurora, Colo., to Clayton Curry and Sarah Curry, 642 Bear Swamp Road, $144,000.

Mark A. Landry to Landy Investment Trust, Mark A. Landy, trustee, 215 Graves Road, $1.

Michael F. Curtis of Conway to Danielle Martine Newbury, formerly known as Danielle M. Curtis, 120 Hill Road. No consideration.


Debra J. Wysocki of Greenfield to Daniel J. Fallon and Julie Ann Fallon of Montague, 78 Greenfield Road, $235,000.


Joan R. Schwartz to Michael Levine and Julie Levine of Ashfield, 146 North Hill Drive, also known as North Hill Road, $650,000.

Douglas A. Hay to Alan Singer and Cynthia Lawton-Singer of Westhampton, 2101 Roaring Brook Road, $382,500.

Peter A. Bravmann, also known as Peter Bravmann, to Bravmann Real Estate Trust of Shelburne Falls, Peter A. Bravmann, trustee, South Shirkshire Road, $1.

Sue D. Hutchinson Estate, Sherri L. Hutchinson, administrator, to James Boehmer and Cynthia Boehmer of Shelburne, 59 Shelburne Falls Road, $75,000.


Stephen C. Huntley and Christine E. Huntley of Whately to Stacy M. Martin of Northampton, 136 North Main St., $185,800.

John F. Sobieski and Judith M. Ripka to John F. Sobieski and Shiang Sobieski, 40 Sugarloaf St., $1.


Adam C. Johnson and Jillian G. Johnson to Adam C. Johnson, 21 West Gill Road. No consideration.

Donald C. Kaplan and Marlee E. Kaplan to Marlee E. Kaplan, 52 Center Road, also known as 52 Center Cross Road. No consideration.

Scott R. Miller of North Swanzey, N.H., and Sandra J. Miller of Paradise Valley, Ariz., to Raymond E. Purington, 33 Atherton Road, $176,000.

Charles E. Bidwell of Roto Rua, New Zealand, to Raymond E. Purington, 33 Atherton Road, $74,000.


James W. Cowan II and Alice M. Cowan to James W. Cowan Jr. of Clinton, Conn., Jeffery M. Cowan of Killingworth, Conn., and John r. Cowan of Northfield, 87 Vernon St. No consideration.

Donald L. Drowski and Helena Drowski of Wendell to Paul K. Bak and Emily J. Bak, 25 Hastings St., $165,000.

Carl Silver and Sarah B. Gott to Alden D. Booth and Elisabeth B. Greenough of Gill, 46 Birch St., $200,000.

Marilyn A. Christian, also known as Marilyn Christian, to Marilyn A. Christian Living Trust, Marilyn A. Christian, trustee, 30 Forest Ave., $1.

Andy’s of Greenfield Inc. to Andrew T. Conti Trust, Theresa Conti and Gloria Easton, trustees, Deerfield Street, $6,000.

Andre I. Melcuk and Laurie A. Desmarais-Melcuk of Leverett to David M. Hyde and Amanda L. M. Hyde, 102 Thayer Road, $150,000.

Robert J. Higgins of Menands, N.Y., to RJHDC, LLC, of Albany, N.Y., 238 Main St. Just $10.

Paul E. Conway Jr. to MBMCongress Street, LLC, 77-81 Congress St., $145,000.

Paul E. Conway Jr. to MBMCongress Street, LLC, 37 Congress St., $170,000.

Denise A. Foery of Wilmington, Vt., and William Thomas Foery to David C. LaFond of South Deerfield, 15 Albert Ave., $100,000.


James C. Lyons, III, and Jill Horton-Lyons to Daniel S. Smith, 21 Teawaddle Hill Road, $269,500.


Campbell Family Trust, Carol J. Campbell of Brattleboro, Vt., Karen A. Kelley, formerly known as Karen A. Campbell of Gill, and Thomas F. Campbell of Northfield, all trustees, to David W. Freeley of Hanover (MA), Alexander Road, $100,000.


John D. Dempsey to Theresa J. Dempsey, formerly known as Theresa J. Zamojski, 110 Montague St., $1.

Robert G. Cooper to Gary S. Thornton, 70 Davis St., $158,000.

Julie A. Fallon to Brian L. Adams and Mary H. Adams of Belchertown, 24 Randall Wood Drive, $205,000.

Richard B. Forsaith to Forsaith Investment Trust, Richard B. Forsaith, trustee, 15 Avenue C, $1.

Barbara J. Boron to Jennifer L. Kamaris of Richlands, N.C., 11 Morris Ave., less than $100.

Diane B. Gerrish of Millers Falls, Dennis T. Loveland of Suffield, Conn., and Donald R. Loveland to Eric J. Wapner of West Springfield, 40-42 Main St., $135,000.

William J. O’Neill and Sandra J. O’Neill to William J. O’Neill, Sandra J. O’Neill and Jennifer L. O’Neill, 19 Bulkley St., $1.


Jonathan Crowningshield and Diane A. Rogers to Thomas J. Hatch and Rebecca L. Hatch, 32 Woodruff Way, $71,000.

Craig E. Bodenstein and Julie A. Burke, formerly known as Julie A. Bodenstein, to Julie A. Burke, formerly known as Julie A. Bodenstein, 91 Birnam Road, $1.

Amy Palmeri of Winchester, N.H., to James E. Palmeri, Alexander Hill Road, Lot 12, $1.


Tina Richardson and Penny Wilder to Brian T. Fillion and Peggy S. Fillion, 36 Walnut Hill Road, $32,000.

Alan Notre to Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency of Boston, 44 Meadow Lane, $167,515.

Agnes A. Spring Estate, Jeffrey A. Spring, individually and executor, Roger M. Spring of New Salem, Claire A. Spring of Phoenix, Ariz., and Ann L. Spring to Dustin K. Short, 15 North Prospect St., $79,900.


Penelope A. Spearance to Spearance Investment Trust, Penelope A. Spearance, trustee, 187 South Shelburne Road, $1.

Paul K. Mead III and Geraldine R. Mead to Mead Investment Trust, Paul K. Mead, III, and Geraldine R. Mead, trustees, 110 Main St., $1.


Robert Haughey, Sandra Haughey and Laurie LeClerc to Robert L. Haughey Jr., Susan M. Dexter, Sheryl L. Viera, formerly known as S. L. Kenney and Debra A. Tebo, 9 Cove Road, $1.

Robert Haughey, Sandra Haughey and Laurie Le Clerc to Laurie Le Clerc, 9 Cove Road, $1.


Jenny H. Tran of West Hartford, Conn., and Victor Tran to Frontier Properties, LLC, of Granby, 25 Plumtree Road, $295,000.


Sandra L. Thompson of Westfield, also known as Sandra Thompson, to Sandra L. Thompson Irrevocable Trust of Westfield, Dawn Hooben, trustee, 424 Wendell Road, less than $100.


JAWK, Inc., of South Deerfield to John H. Zieminski of Hatfield, Grey Oak Lane, Lot 4, $90,000.

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