Real Estate/Changing Hands


Philip F. Nolan Jr., funding Trust, Philip F. Nolan Jr. and Doreen Ann Nolan, trustees, to Town of Ashfield, Route 116/Main Street.

Decker Machine Works Inc. to Town of Ashfield, Route 116/Main Street. No consideration.


Donald A. Billiel and Kathleen M. Billiel to Adam W. Griffin and Nelissa M. Willis, 62 Ashfield Road/Route 112, $165,000.

E.M. Milt Realty Trust, Ellen M. Milt, trustee, to Ellen M. Milt Trust of Plymouth, Ellen M. Milt, trustee, Forget Road, land also in Hawley. Just $10.


Allan C. Smith and Cynthia A. Smith of Shelburne to Handy Lane Farm, LLC, of Shelburne, Jurek Road and Shelburne Line Road, $1.


Matthew T. Wilcox and Alaina E. Wilcox, formerly known as Alaina E. Curran, to Stephen J. Sloan and Mary Ellen Sloan of holyoke, 7 Porter St., formerly known as 10 Porter St., $349,900.

Ruth V. Loudermilch of Greenfield to Mary Ann Barnes Revocable Trust of South Deerfield, Mary Ann Barnes, trustee, 4 Robs Way, $520,000.

Elizabeth A. Karas of Greenfield to Mark Trebicki and Madelaine Eliabeth Bartlett of Amherst, 31 West St., $220,000.


Leroy C. Bernard, by attorney, and Arlene N. Bernard, Arlene N. Bernard, attorney to Bernard Investment Trust, Arlene N. Bernard, trustee, 23 Spruce St., $1.

Henry J. Machaiek of Newburyport to Victor Turcan and Parascovia Turcan, 52 Vernon St., $170,000.

Vitaliy Mikhaylichenko and Fevroniya Mikhaylichenko of Candler, N.C., to Richard C. McCarthy Jr. of Hatfield, 31 Mill St., $145,000.

Greenfield Town Treasurer to Gregory J. Noyes and Michael A. Noyes, 61 Fort Square, $110,000.

Ethelyn D. Strahan Estate, Shari l. Strahan of Deerfield, Personal Representative to Shari L. Strahan, formerly known as Shari Strahan Phillips of Deerfield, 435 Deerfield St., $1.

Shari L. Strahan of Deerfield to David Arthur Strahan of Swansey, N.H., 435 Deerfield St., $1.

David Arthur Strahan, also known as David A. Strahan, to Lisa A. Sandri of Gill, 435 Deerfield St., $122,500.

Town of Greenfield to mark A. Sirum and Tracy L. Sirum, 22 Pickett Lane, $50,000.

Town of Greenfield to Todd M. Gerry Jr. of Charlemont, 134 Hope St., $5,000.


E. M. Milt Realty Trust, Ellen M. Milt, trustee, to Ellen M. Milt Trust of Plymouth, Ellen M. Milt, trustee, Labelle Road, land also in Buckland. Just $10.


Walter T. Misialek of South Hadley to David Charbonneau of Chicopee, 15 Apache Drive, $3,500.

Walter T. Misialek to David Charbonneau, 27 Navaho Lane, $3,500.

Berkshire Bay Lobster Realty Trust, David J. Casoni of Plymouth, individually and trustee, John S. Gurney of Wikienp, Ariz., and Stephen J. Kelley, also of Plymouth, to Patrick J. Valeski and Dena M. Briggs of Shelburne Falls, Sumner Stetson Road, $119,000.

Pearl C. Bent, by attorney, Paul C. Bent of Shoreham, N.Y., attorney, to Henry K. Godek and Jo M. Travis, Flagg Hill Road, $16,000.


Arlene N. Bernard of Greenfield to Bernard Investment Trust of Greenfield, Arlene N. Bernard, trustee, Greenfield Road, $1.

Phillip H. Mowry and Sandra D. Mowry of Phoenixville, Pa., to Revocable Trust of Phillip H. Mowry, Phillip H. Mowry, trustee, 146 Greenfield Road. Just $10.


Marguerite L. Lentz to Howard F. Hastings and Virginia L. Hastings of Barre, 30 North Lane, $200,000.


Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association of Dallas, Texasn, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney, to Jason A. Kimball, Lindsay M. Kimball, also known as Lindsey M. Kimball of Athol, 426 Walnut Hill Road, $165,000.

Joel E. Botti to Joel E. Botti and Debra A. Puppel, 341 East Main St., $1.


247-251 Main, LLC, of South Deerfield to Chester Rogers and Gina L. Williams, Main Street, Lot 2, 7.15 acres, $89,900.


Stanley Mitchkoski Jr., also known as Stanley J. Mitchkoski Jr. and Carol Mitchkoski, also known as Carol Lee Mitchkoski, to Mitchkoski Investment Trust, Stanley J. Mitchkoski Jr. and Carol Lee Mitchkoski, trustees, 199 Hadley Road, $1.

Bonnie J. Grise to Michael Murray, 57 Plumtree Road, $216,260.

Sophie A. Zewski Revocable Trust, Mary A. Trombley of Amherst, N.H., trustee, to Frederick A. Laurenitis and Constance M. Laurenitis, 181 North Main St., $181,000.


Alfred F. Souza to Alfred F. Souza and Ann M. Souza, 76 New Salem Road, $1.

Emery S. Hughs and Patricia Lynn Hughs of Tenino, Wash., to Daniel R. Boyden of Erving, 78 Wendell Depot Road, $142,000.


Paul R. Maiewski to James M. Pasiecnik of South Deerfield, River Road, $105,000.

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