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Real Estate/Changing Hands


Christopher R. Pettengill and Kimberly A. Pettengill, formerly known as Kimberly A. Sweet to Christopher R. Pettengill, 17 Purinton Road, $1.

Justin Jaquay-Wilson, also known as Justin L. Jaquay-Wilson, and Sandra Jaquay-Wilson to Jaquay-Wilson Investment Trust, Justin L. Jaquay-Wilson and Sandra Jaquay-Wilson, trustees, 10 Hodgen Road, $1.

Peter Chadwick and Robert E. Gardiner of Palm Springs, Calif., to Horace D. Taft-Ferguson and Martha P. Taft-Ferguson, 7 Martin Road, $374,000.

Conrad C. Halberg to Conrad C. Halberg and Kathleen A. Halberg, 98 North St., $1.


Masako Yanagita, also known as Masako Yanagita Bogin, of Williamstown, to Revocable Trust of Masako Yanagita of New York, N.Y., and Masako Yanagita, trustee, 39 Vincent Road. No consideration.


David A. Hopkins and Cheryl V. Hopkins to Valley Community Land Trust Inc. of Turners Falls, 258 Shelburne Line Road, $105,000.


Steve and Kathy Melnik Family Trust, Stephen D. Melnik and Kathleen Melnik, trustees, to Jaime Diaz Reloj and Sarah Heather Reloj of Oakland, Calif., 382 Lower Road, $382,000.

Willard E. Plumley and Jane L. Plumley to Joseph J. Butz and Kimberly P. Butz, 20 Crestview Drive, $585,000.


US Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, Green River Capital, LLC, attorney, to Jonathan Holmes, 14 South Cross Road, $220,000.


Donna M. Thatcher to Thatcher Real Estate Trust, Donna M. Thatcher, trustee, 255 Chapman St., $1.

Helen L. Mackin Estate, Russell E. Haddleton, executor, and Mackin Construction Co., Inc., to Dmitriy D. Darmanchev, 347 Wells St. and 331 Wells St., $150,000.

Freehigh, LLC, to Valencia, LLC, of Florence, 42 Congress St. and 48 Congress St., $400,000.

Sebastian J. Ruggeri Estate, only known as Sebastian John Ruggeri Estate, Christine R. Lincoln of Averill Park, N.Y., administrator, to Steven J. Schechterle and Debra L. Schechterle of Gill, 402 Federal St., $100,000.

Wendy Goodman to Jonathan Randall Griffen of Shelburne Falls, 89 West St., $166,000.

Susan Gold Platt to Susan Gold Platt and Marc T. Platt, 27 George St., $1.

City of Greenfield to Jason J. Penfield and Tammy J. Penfield, Mohawk Trail, one acre, $4,000.

City of Greenfield to Jason J. Penfield and Tammy J. Penfield, Mohawk Trail, lots 14 to 22, 26, 28 to 32 and 41, $500.


John F. Sears, formerly of Providence, R.I., to John F. Sears Realty Trust, John F. Sears, trustee, 100 Pudding Hollow Road, $1.


Eric A. Grinnell Estate, Dianne D. Grinnell, Personal Representative, to Dianne D. Grinnell, 118 Brunelle Road and Brunelle Road. No consideration.


Dennis R. Carpenter of Grapevine, Texas, to Randy L. Facey and Angie M. Facey, 92 North County Road, $2,000.


Matthew C. Latkiewicz of Oakland, Calif., and Sarah J. Reid to Timothy J. Hall and Jaclyn R. Hall, 32 Park St., $130,000.

Duane W. Greene to Scott P. Schenk of Greenfield, 49 Old Stage Road, $203,000.

Maria K. Bonsavage of Cumming, Ga.; Nathaniel J. Plaza and Carol E. Plaza of Hudson, N.H., and Rita T. Plaza of Shutesbury to William Codington of Needham, 14 Randall Road, $156,500.

MacIntire Investment Trust, Raymond J. MacIntire, individually and trustee, to Jonathan E. Billings and Michelle L. Billings, 116 Montague St., $170,000.

Amy Plavin, also known as Amy F. Plavin, of Rockingham, Vt., to Windy Hollow Acres, LLC, 66-68 Sunderland Road, $400,000.


Karol L. Davoren Brodeur of Easthampton, formerly known as Karol L. Davoren, to Brian A. Heath and Jo-Ellen Heath of Athol, 540 South Main St., $180,000.

Robert A. Rivers to Robert A. Rivers Irrevocable Trust, Lucy R. Whitmarsh, trustee, 89 West Myrtle St., $1.

Anthony M. Brosca to Anthony M. Brosca and Jaimie L. Brosca, 5 Sunset Drive, $1.


Salvatore Dinardi and Joan Marie Culley of Columbia, S.C., to David J. Larue and Kate Chandra Woodmansee, 284 West Pelham Road, $380,000.

Lisa R. Olszewski to Mark T. Olszewski of Whately, Locks Pond Road, $1.


Sharon R. Charney of Nashville, Tenn., to Pamela H. Stobierski of South Deerfield, 314 Montague Road, less than $100.

Pamela H. Stobierski to Sharon R. Charney Living Trust of Nashville, Tenn., Sharon R. Charney, trustee, 314 Montague Road, less than $100.

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