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Real Estate/Changing Hands


Wesley J. Platek and Aubrey S. Platek to Mark J. Vallee and Aubrey M. Prokowicz of Erving, 62 Shedd Road, $185,000.


Greenfield Savings Bank of Greenfield to Christian M. LeDoyt and Carrie A. LeDoyt of Shelburne Falls, 2 Harmony Lane, $145,900.

Christian M. LeDoyt and Carrie A. LeDoyt of Shelburne to Raymond D. Bodin and Barbara L. Bodin of Palm Coast, Fla., and Carrie A. LeDoyt of Shelburne, 2 Harmony Lane, $1.

Carlton H. Roberts and Susan B. Roberts to Susan B. Roberts 2014 Trust, Carlton H. Roberts and Susan B. Roberts, trustees, 40 Bray Road. No consideraiton.


Gary W. McKinstry, also known as Gary Whitmore McKinstry of Sarasota, Fla., to Tom B. Thompson and Barbara J. Thompson, 1431 Route 2, $45,000.

Douglas S. Annear to Annear Investment Trust, Douglas S. Annear, trustee, 247 Legate Hill Road, $1.


Robert A. Langevin to Valdemar Anderson, Elsa Anderson and Aimee Anderson, Riley Road, $1.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Jacksonville, Fla., to Amanda L. Nash, 46 Delabarre Ave., $147,000.


Kenneth S. Williams III and Pamela K. Williams to Deerfield Academy Trustees, 36 Old Main St., $1,500,000.


James A. Taft and Elizabeth A. Taft to Alma D. Mankowsky, 44 Mountain Road, $217,000.

Alma D. Mankowsky to Dennis L. Mankowsky, 44 Mountain Road, $1.

James E. Stone and Beverly M. Stone to James A. Taft and Elizabeth A. Taft, 39 Lillians Way, $170,000.


Theodore E. Butynski to Butynski Investment Trust, Theodore E. Butynski, trustee, 355 Colrain Road, $1.

Jamie T. Coffin to Jamie T. Coffin and Stephanie M. Coffin, 109 Birch St., $1.

Vicky Gonis to EDS Enterprises, LLC, of Montague, 72 Prospect St., $60,000.

James E. Filipkowski Jr. and Natalie Filipkowski to Durand D. Lively and Jennifer J. Lively, 82 Cleveland St., $166,000.

Ethier Management Inc. to Herdis Eriksson, Margaret Culley and Kathleen M. Swaim, 36 Emily Lane, Unit 36, Birches Condo, $245,000.

John P. Kostanski to John P. Kostanski and Pamela J. Kostanski, 7-9 Woodleigh Ave., $1.

Dana N. Wonsey of Winchendon and Sheila Wonsey to Mark A. Fay, 17 Pickett Lane, $175,000.

James Van Houten of Springfield to Rebecca G. Devino-Shaw of Gill, 81 Devens St., $146,500.

Peter J. Parker to Peter J. Parker Living Trust, Peter J. Parker, trustee, 326 Davis St., Unit A, Townehouse Condo, $1.

Green River, LLC, to Wendy Goodman, Greenfield River Road, Lot 1, $49,000.

Lauren K. Saczawa to Jeremy M. Felton and Natasha J. Felton, 43 Cypress St., $152,000.


Jaya S. Boerman and Erica Boerman, formerly known as Erica Clarke of Amherst, to Federal National Mortgage Association, 312-314 Long Plain Road, $215,728.


Barry F. Kostanski and Patricia A. Kostanski to Jennifer L. Davenport of Greenfield and Katharine K. Tiedemann of Brighton, 27 Norman Circle, $1.

Norma Johnson to Allen Ross, 91 Taylor Hill Road, $1.

Barbara J. Cady of Greenfield, Nancy A. Terlikoski of Magnolia, Texas, and Marc K. Pearson, to Helen L. Pearson, 12 James Ave., $1.

Helen L. Pearson to Benjamin J. Tozloski and Jillian M. Tozloski of Greenfield, 12 James Ave., $180,000.

New Salem

Brian J. Spear and Shelly M. Spear, also known as Shelley M. Spear, to Spear Investment Trust, Brian J. Spear and Shelley M. Spear, trustees, 57 West St., $1.


Melanie J. Sager, now known as Melanie J. S. Phillips, to Melanie J. S. Phillips and Clifford S. Phillips, 176 Main St., $1.

Mildred F. Whitney to Laurie Hall, 8A Munn’s Ferry Road and 8B Munn’s Ferry Road, $1.

Mildred F. Whitney to Daniel L. Whitney, 563 Pine Meadow Road, $1.

Angela M. Amidon of Montague and Sidney K. Amidon to Sidney K. Amidon, Alexander Hill Road, Lot 7, $1.


Arthur D. Field and Darlene A. Field to James E. Stone and Beverly M. Stone, 113 New Athol Road, Unit 44, Pioneer Place Condo, $230,000.

Leo Piro and Brenda Piro to Leo Piro, Brenda Piro and Stephanie J. Zimmerman, 18 Mechanic St., $1.


Dale Jones of Belchertown to Juan Carlos Morales Tablada and Anne Louise Burdett of Turners Falls, 241 Barnard Road, $140,000.


Richard F. Paczkowski and Joan L. Paczkowski to Jamie H. Sullivan and Angela A. Morsbach of Belchertown, 59 Briggs Road, $156,500.


Irene J. Kelly of South Hadley to Cynthia Gaudette-Roy of Chicopee, West Street, less than $100.

Irene J. Kelly to Cynthia Gaudette-Roy, Gardner lot, less than $100.


Lawrence S. Ashman and Nancy L. Ashman to Ashman 2014 Revocable Trust, Lawrence S. Ashman and Nancy L. Ashman, trustees, Straits Road, known as 84 Long Plain Road, now known as 163 Long Plain Road, $1.

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