Real Estate/ Changing Hands


Sean M. Mason of Northfield and Annmarie C. Mason to Annmarie C. Mason, 2 Bald Mountain Road, $1.

Barbara A. Dearborn to Mark A. Dearborn and Diane D. Dearborn, 9 South St., $1.

Springleaf Financial Services of Massachusettss Inc., formerly known as American General Financial Services Inc. of Evansville, Ind., to Steven Kubisch, Colleen F. Kubisch and Lucas Kubisch, 3 Eden Trail Road, $150,000.


Charles Marshall Trow Estate and Mary Frances Trow of Newport, Vt., to Francis G. Trow Jr., Maynard Hill Road, $13,450.

David Harris-Fried and Barbara Harris-Fried to Barbara J. Harris, 28 Shepard Road, $22,000.


Gregory J. Cabral of Raynham to Paul Hazard and Christine Hazard of Harwinton, Conn., Jacksonville Stage Road, lots 6 and 7, $26,000.


Mark A. Hardgrove and Judith A. Hardgrove of Greenfield to Francis L. McDonald and Priscilla A. McDonald of Greenfield, an abandoned road off South Green River Road, $500.

Conant Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Chester C. Conant Jr. and Mary C. McManus, trustees, to Lawrence E. McManus and Mary C. McManus of Woodville, 98 South Green River Road, $95,000.

Chester Cook Conant Sr. Estate of Greenfield and William C. Conant to Lawrence E. McManus and Mary C. McManus, Green River Road, $1,000.


William W. Melnik Sr. and Sharon M. Melnik to James M. Pasiecnik, Settright Road and Sawmill Plain Road, $360,000.


David Kilpinen, Eric P. Kovalchick and Christine ann Kovalchick to Eric P. Kovalchick and Christine Ann Kovalchick, 64 West Gill Road, $1.


Robert K. Foley of Boston to Andrew M. Cole and Cody A. Goolsby of Amherst, 40 Conway St., $132,400.

William J. Sherburne to William J. Sherburne and Gwendolyn H. Sherburne, 343 South Shelburne Road, $1.

John P. Garcia to Alma M. Garcia, 39 Brookside Ave., $1.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. of Carrollton, Texas, by attorney, Orlans Moran, PLLC, attorney, to Gregory R. Haas of Florence, 111 Franklin St., Unit 1, Franklin Street Condominiums, $58,000.

John Shulda to John Shulda and Linda Vight, 181 Silver St. No consideration.

William Claine of Wilmington, Vt., and Donald Claine to Donald Claine, 45 Mary Potter Lane, $1.

Stacy A. Roe to Shane D. Wells, 79-81 Montague City Road, $146,400.

Gloria P. Marchegiani Estate and Diane P. Marchegiani of White River junction, Vt., to Patrick J. Grogan and Claire J. Grogan of North Adams, 407 Country-Side, Unit 407, Country-Side Condominiums, $178,500.


Michael J. Welles of Greenfield and Michelle L. Welles to Michelle L. Welles, 42 Valdish Ave. No consideration.

Paul C. Griffin and Elizabeth T. Griffin to Casey R. Fahey and Nicole J. Fahey, 67 Oakman St., $265,000.

Burek Cross Properties, LLP, of Sunderland, by partners, Ross Finch and Clifford V. Bowen, partners, to Millers Falls Enterprises, LLC, of Belchertown, 21-23 West Main St., Millers Falls and 26-30 Bridge St., Millers Falls, $220,000.

Gary B. Noga of Greenfield to George L. Goodridge III of Greenfield, 224 Greenfield Road and land on Greenfield Road, $1.

George L. Goodridge III to Gary B. Noga, 224 Greenfield Road and land on Greenfield Road, $1.

Stanley E. Noga Jr. of Brookline, Vt., to Byron D. Caplice of Greenfield, 224 Greenfield Road and land on Greenfield Road, $1.

Byron D. Caplice to Stanley E. Noga Jr. of Vermont, 224 Greenfield Road and land on Greenfield Road, $1.


Eleanor S. Deane to Roland E. Deane, 2 Adams Road, $1.

Cersosimo Industries Inc. of Brattleboro, Vt., to Christopher Mitchum, Jennifer A. Mitchum and Kian C. Mitchum of Santa Barbara, Calif., Old Elm Way, Lot one, $40,000.

Michael S. Fontaine and Christie M. Fontaine to Gabriel D. LaPollo and Jessica L. Lubanski of Greenfield, 189 Birnam Road, $180,000.


Hometown Bank of Oxford to Matthew D. Connelly and Kathy I. Tuttle-Connelly of Warwick, 33 Fountain St., $110,000.

Paul A. Kowacki to Paul A. Kowacki and Christine J. Kowacki, Oxbow Road, “Out lot” 1, $1.

Holly L. Deveneau of Gardner and Craig T. Deveneau to Robert S. St. Marie and Krista L. St. Marie, 40 Shelter St., $185,000.

Kenneth W. Richards Sr. Estate, also known as Kenneth W. Richards Estate, Karen K. Gilboy of Granby to Kenneth W. Richards Sr., Revocable Trust of East Granby, Karen K. Gilboy, trustee, 5 Camp Drive and Camp Drive, less than $100.

Robert F. Laffond and Lauren Laffond by CitiMortgage, Inc., of O’Fallon, Mo., to CitiMortgage, Inc., 64 Benham St., $13,432.


Bertha A. Rainville to 247-251 Main, LLC, of South Deerfield, 247 Main St., 251 Main St. and Route 112, $250,000.

George L. Dole of Buckland, Helen J. Dole of New York, N.Y., and Lynn R. Dole of Ashfield to Helen J. Dole of New York and Lynn R. Dole of Ashfield, 180 Anderson Road, $1.


Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, also known as Fannie Mae, by attorney, Harmon Law Office, PC, attorney, to Evan Chakrin of West Brookfield, 95 Montague Road, $86,100.

Adam N. Zaykoski and Jessalyn L. Zaykoski to Joseph W. Stubblefield to Townsend (Mass.), 346 Farley Road, $107,000.

Hope Riley, formerly known as Elisabeth Williams Riley of Gettysburg, Pa., to Jamie Paul Radner and Emily Catherine Maiella, 13 Lady Slipper Lane, $1.

Hope Riley, formerly known as Elisabeth Williams Riley, to Jamie Paul Radner and Emily Catherine Maiella, 13 Lady Slipper Lane, $1.

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