Real Estate/Changing Hands


Timothy W. LaFord and Susan M. LaFord, formerly known as Susan Garanin, to John C. Gates of Greenfield, 64 West Mountain Road, $1.

John C. Gates to Timothy W. LaFord and Susan M. LaFord, formerly known as Susan Garanin, 64 West Mountain Road, $1.

Mark B. Deaver to Mark B. Deaver and Louise G. Legouis, 101 Hoe Shoe Road, $1.

Soundview Home Loan Trust, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, attorney, to Paul L. Volungis, 439 Huckle Hill Road, $120,474.


Paul B. Gray Jr. by Wells Fargo Bank, NA, to Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, 19 Bray Road, $116,235.


Federal National Mortgage Association of Dallas, Texas, by attorney, also known as Fannie Mae, by Harmon Law Offices, PC, attorney, to Jonathan J. Flaherty of Oak Bluffs, (MA), 8 North St., $50,000.

Dickinson Family Realty Trust, Anne Dickinson of Springfield, Vt., trustee, to Douglas S. McDonald of Florence, Legate Hill Road, $39,900.

Doray Investment Trust, Raymond C. Willis and Doreen R. Willis, trustees, to Deanna C. McDonald of Florence, 567 Legate Hill Road, $47,000.


J. Nicholas Filler, Colleen T. Filler, also known as Colleen Teasdale Filler, Sterling W. Hubbard III and Kathleen J. Lowry to Sterling W. Hubbard III and Kathleen J. Lowry, Mathews Road, $1.

J. Nicolas Filler, Colleen T. Filler, also known as Colleen Teasdale Filler, Sterling W. Hubbard, III, and Kathleen J. Lowry to J. Nicholas Filler and Colleen T. Filler, Mathewsroad, $1.


Deana Prest of Northfield to Benjamin L. Byrne and James J. Byrne Jr., 765 River Road, $94,000.

Deborah M. Shriver to Revocable Indenture of Trust of Robert N. Shriver Jr., Robert N. Shriver Jr. and Deborah M. Shriver, trustees, 8 Pocumtuck Drive, less than $100.

Stacy B. Dennie of Sunderland to Mark L. Parent of Amherst, 3C Adams Court, Unit 23, Commons of Deerfield, $1.


Christine T. Scace to Northfield Mount Hermon School Inc. of Mount Hermon, 67 Mount Hermon Road, $269,000.


Helen Mackin Estate of Hyannis, Russell E. Haddleton, executor, to Michelina M. Siano, 405 Deerfield St., $75,000.

David Fitz to David Fitz and Elizabeth A. Hollingsworth, 282 Adams Road, less than $100.

Jerry A. Gaimari to Jerry A. Gaimari and Sandra L. Gaimari, 164 Log Plain Road, less than $100.

Marita B. Hutchinson by Peoples United Bank to Gary Snyder, 261 Briar Way, Unit 3B, Briar Knoll Townhouse Condominiums, $60,000.

Peter F. McIver and Samantha O. McIver to Dawn A. Roske of Ashfield, 234 Conway St., $169,000.

Kurkoski Irrevocable Trust, Anne S. Kurkoski, trustee, to Peter F. McIver, 10 Carol Lane, $218,500.


Peter B. Stein and Jane E. Stein to Jane E. Stein, 154 East Chestnut Hill Road, $1.

Theresa E. Alamed of Shelburne Falls to Corey A. Dyer, 88 Federal St., $6,000.

Maureen E. Dudek of Greenfield to Maureen E. Dudek and Frank J. Dudek, 4 Farren Ave., $1.


David J. Brown to Carol C. Brown, 568B Pine Meadow Road, $1.

Dark Night Realty Trust, Deborah A. Black, trustee, to David E. Siegel and William S. Siegel of Woburn, Old Wendell Road, $50,000.

Clifford R. Bassett to Edmund C. Bassett, 142 Old Vernon Road, formerly known as Old Vernon Road, Lot 2, $100,000.


Jacob S. Balk to Eric R. Amato of Middletown, Va., 95 Fairman Road, $170,000.


Laurence R. Jarvis of Northfield to Richard Andrew and Nicole S. Cusano, Mohawk Trail, $1.


Robert A. Shotwell and Laura K. Shotwell to Susan A. Shulman of Westhampton, 351 Montague Road, $315,000.


JAWK, Inc. of South Deerfield to Scapes Builders and Evacuation, LLC, Grey Oak Lane, Lot 9, $90,000.

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