Letter: Wrong on wages

My two cents regarding raising the minimum wage:

First, I disagree with the editorial staff of the The Recorder.

Raising of the minimum wage and labeling it a “living wage” is a utopian leftie idea they all talk about while smoking their peace pipes.

As soon as the wages are increased, the cost of all goods and services will also rise.

The managers, co-workers (with more experience or responsibilities) and supervisors will demand that their wages increase as well.

In a very short period of time, the proposed $11 minimum wage will have the same buying power as the current $8. We are right back to the same place.

The anti-business liberals think they are taking back some of the greedy profits earned by dirty capitalist. Wrong, the business will cut staff and/or pass along the increase to its customers, therefore maintaining their profit margins.

The jobs these wages are paid to are entry level, the type young people get as they start their working life. As they gain more experience, prove they can handle more responsibilities, their wages will increase as well.

Using government policy to put more money in peoples pocket is wrong. Let the free market and a person’s self determination to gain more education or skills move them up the wage scale.



Mr Bates, It would be nice if you and people like you could express your opinions without resorting to name calling and or insults.

Not that I expect you to be impressed by facts, but empirical evidence is opposed diametrically to this rant.

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