Greenfield woman appeals for return of lost engagement ring

NORTHAMPTON — A Greenfield woman is in search of a diamond engagement ring valued at more than $2,000, which she says was taken from a restroom at Bueno Y Sano restaurant on Main Street Saturday night.

Patricia Dunn, 26, said she left the ring on the sink at around 8:50 p.m. while washing her hands then hurried out of the bathroom without it as another woman knocked on the door.

Dunn said she quickly realized she left the ring behind and rushed to the bathroom in a panic where she found a friend of the woman who had initially knocked on the door.

“It was two minutes,” said Dunn who filed a police report Monday. “Two minutes and it was gone.”

Dunn questioned both women about the ring, including one who was across Main Street and had left Bueno Y Sano without her friend.

“She acted very strange about it,” Dunn recalled. “If I saw the women, I would know who they are.”

Police said they are looking into the incident and Dunn said Bueno Y Sano’s owners have offered their assistance.

Dunn had come to Northampton to dine with her fiancé. The couple got engaged on Sept. 28. She described the ring as yellow gold with a center marquis diamond and 10 smaller surrounding diamonds. A “hefty reward” is being offered to anyone who finds the ring. The number to call is 824-2400.

Dunn is hoping for the kind of ending that Newsday’s New York Jets beat writer Kimberley Martin had when her engagement ring was returned to her after Gayle Benson, the wife of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, found it in the women’s restroom of MetLife Stadium press box on Sunday. Martin had removed the ring to wash her hands and forgot to put it back on, according to a report in the New York Daily News. Benson found it on a counter and turned it over to security.

“You couldn’t put a price on it for me,” said Dunn on the sentimental value of the ring she lost. “I hope it turns up. I really do.”

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