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Men charged after visit to past drug house

GREENFIELD — A quick stop at a suspected drug house and suspicious actions afterward led to drug charges against four area men.

Greenfield police allege that all four, without prescriptions, had different amounts of pain pills on them, each containing the opiate oxycodone.

Tracey B. Range, 21, of 553 Gulf Road, Northfield, was arraigned Monday in Greenfield District Court on charges of possession of a Class E drug, and driving with a suspended license.

Though Range was arrested Sunday after his vehicle was pulled over and the occupants questioned, his passengers were let go due to a shortage of available officers, and will be summoned to court, according to police.

John Estabrook, 17, of Conway Street in Greenfield, will be summoned to court on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of a Class E drug.

Brandon McKelvey, 21, of Riverview Drive, Gill, and Tenzin Dhondup, 21, of Chapman Street, Greenfield, will each be summoned to court on a charge of possession of a Class E drug.

Officers Scott West and Jay Butynski were sitting in their cruisers Sunday on Bouker Street, when two vehicles gave them cause for suspicion, according to an arrest report prepared by West.

First, a sedan occupied by three women unknown to the officers pulled up next to West’s cruiser, and asked if everything was all right before pulling into a Bouker Street driveway, wrote West.

All three stared at his cruiser as they walked from the car into the residence, he wrote.

That residence at 1 Bouker St. was the scene of two drug raids, on July 2 and May 16. Both netted crack cocaine, according to police, and resident Tara Shippee, 39, was arrested.

Five minutes after the women arrived, a Honda CRV pulled up to the house, and four men went inside, according to the report.

West pulled his cruiser to the other end of the street and waited. Before another five minutes were up, West wrote, the men came back out. They stared at his cruiser as they entered the Honda, according to the report.

His suspicions raised, West followed the vehicle to Pond Street, where he pulled it over after the two men in the backseat kept turning around and watching him, he wrote.

When West turned on his blue lights to pull the car over, a backseat passenger momentarily disappeared from view, he wrote.

West wrote that he had probable cause to order the occupants from the car due to their short visit at what police consider to be a known drug house, and suspicious actions thereafter.

He started with the driver, who said he didn’t have any narcotics on him when questioned, wrote West. When West asked if there were narcotics in the car, the driver replied “I don’t know,” he wrote.

West next ordered the passenger in the left rear seat to exit. The officer frisked the man, identified as Estabrook, and found a folding knife as well as three pill bottles, he wrote. The suspect first said that the bottles were empty, then told West he had Percocet (a brand of oxycodone-containing painkiller), which he received from an emergency room doctor he couldn’t name, wrote West.

Inside a brown, unlabeled pill bottle, West found 13 of the pills, which, he wrote, each contained 7.5 milligrams of oxycodone.

Next, West ordered the other backseat passenger, identified as Dhondup, to exit the vehicle.

The man admitted that he disappeared from West’s view because he was stuffing a pill bottle under the seat, wrote the officer. Inside that bottle were one-and-a-half of the same pills.

The front passenger, identified as McKelvey, was ordered out next.

He told the officer he did not consent to a search, but West countered by telling him that he had probable cause to search his person, due to the history of the house they’d visited, and the discovery of narcotics on the other two men, wrote the officer.

Inside the man’s watch pocket, West found a folded piece of paper, he wrote. When asked what was inside, the man said it was Percocet, wrote West.

Inside was half a blue pill, wrote West, unlike the white oblong pills found on the others. A preliminary identification found it to be one half of a pill containing 15 milligrams of oxycodone.

After this, wrote West, Estabrook told him that there was a bag containing a marijuana pipe, and two jars that had contained the drug, the officer wrote. West found the bag, which contained a pipe, two jars with “leafy residue,” and a scale. The man then admitted to selling marijuana, resulting in the additional charge.

Lastly, wrote West, the driver told police that he, too, had a pill on him. Found in his cigarette pack was a single white pill, consistent with the others, wrote the officer.

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