Letter: Sears for selectman

As a resident of Hawley, I am delighted at the amount of interest the town is showing in the election of a new selectman on March 12. We have three candidates to choose from, with very different backgrounds and views. One is a young student, on the brink of what should be a notable career in public service. He is already serving the town on the School Committee. Another is a dedicated town official who already serves the town in two separate positions.

Thus my vote will go to the third candidate, John Sears, who brings wide experience in administration, teaching and editing to the position. His background in grant-writing and working with federal and state agencies will be of benefit to the town, as will his ability to work harmoniously with the people around him. As a long-time resident he is well aware of the challenges the town is facing, and will bring a welcome wide viewpoint to their solution.

The town needs more people participating in its government, not fewer. Let us move forward together into Hawley’s future growth and prosperity.



3 good candidates. Charlie brings a lot of experience to the table and has served the town for many years. But he already wears "too many hats". Hussein is a sharp young person who sees the situation clearly. I think he would roll up his sleeves and do the homework required to fill the position effectively. Yet, he is a student with the world before him and I wonder if he'd really be here for the town in the long run. John is retired, has the time, dedication and will to move this town in a new direction. We should, as Alice points out, welcome newcomers to town government. I'm with John. Lloyd Crawford

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