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Letter: VW’s cheap shot

The new VW Jetta commercial has a Polish woman stating to the driver “I hope you like Polkas” and the announcer stating “choose your passengers carefully.” In other words, avoid Polish passengers who might actually like Polish music?

Would VW consider a commercial with a Hispanic woman or a Black woman referencing their stereotypical music, with the announcer stating choose your passengers carefully? I seriously doubt it. Why is VW mocking Polish people?

Shall we conclude that this VW commercial mocking Polish people was simply an insensitive oversight that needs to be brought to VW management attention? Or shall Polish people conclude that this was simply another cheap shot at Polish ethnicity? Either way, as a proud Polish American with a MBA in marketing, I can assure you that this commercial was not an oversight. And I can also assure you that my family and friends will never buy a VW.

Polka Polka!



Dave, I totally agree. I believe the commercial has been pulled off the air. I had a short life, deservingly. It was a total cheap shot. I used to consider VW a pretty neat ride but will now never make a decision to buy one. They don't wanna quit their stupidity.

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