Strange Creek Campout yields arrests, 2 non-fatal overdoses

GREENFIELD — The annual Strange Creek Campout this weekend racked up about the usual number of casualties.

Lt. Joseph Burge said Sunday afternoon none of the weekend’s overdoses to that point had been fatal and no particular variety of drug was to blame, as in a past year when a bad batch of LSD was blamed for the damage.

Burge said a whole melange of drugs were in use.

The Wormtown Trading Co. stages the Strange Creek Campout music festival and Wormtown Music Festival at Camp Kee-wanee, 1 Health Camp Road.

Greenfield emergency dispatchers logged 14 requests for ambulances at the camp Friday through Monday. Of these, two were listed as overdoses and the majority unspecified.

The only drug specifically referenced was BHO or butane hash oil, 13 small vials of which were found on one overdose patient brought to Baystate Franklin Medical Center, according to the log.

Police arrested two festival-goers on non-drug-related charges. Greenfield police arrested Kenneth Manzoli, 28, of Kingston, New York, on a court warrant as a fugitive from justice on Saturday. Ronald E. Benson Jr., 30, of Glastonbury, Conn., was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Sunday.

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As music festivals go, this one is pretty tame. Whether you approve of it or not, it DOES contribute to the overall place that Greenfield is taking as a prime cultural destination in Western New England. You want to feel a sense of horror and outrage? Direct it elsewhere, like maybe look at the problems other, larger, festivals (Gathering of the Vibes, Rothbury Electric Forest) have had with turf wars, toxic substances being sold as things they aren't, and sexual assaults. The Greenfield festival organizers and public safety officers do a really good job here and should be commended. The more mainstream these events are allowed to be, the safer they are for everyone. Do your part and participate! Now if only the Green River Festival weren't so darn expensive...

Will someone please explain to me why Greenfield needs a drug-fest thinly disguised as a music festival two times a year? After each festival we get a report on arrests and hospitalizations, and yet it goes on year after year. Money goes to festival organizers and workers, Camp Kee-wanee musicians, stores, restaurants, drug dealers, police overtime, tee shirt and food vendors. One hand washes the other. As long as money is made and people are having fun it's all good, right? --

Wow Eileen. Someone needs to lighten up just a tad. You do realize that there were only 2 arrests, and neither of those were from drum offenses, right? Yes, there were a couple of od's, but at the end of the day, what exactly is it about either of the festivals that are at Camp Kee-Wanee that's hurting you directly? are you possibly a bit sad that there are folks near you're home that actually enjoy having fun? Not every person that's at the festivals are 'on drugs' (oh no!!! Scary!! :rolls eyes:). Maybe rather than you passing judgement on everyone that goes, you should attempt to get yourself out of your home and go live a little. It's people like YOU that are killing this country by spewing words from your mouth about things you nothing about. Shame on YOU.

And yet Greenfield continues to host this drug fest year after year. Blatant disregard for the taxpaying citizens in the immediate area from Thursday to Monday every Memorial Day. The almighty dollar rules (ie:$5000 fo the fireworks) despite the ongoing police attempts to rid this area of drugs on a daily basis as written about for many weeks in the special reports on addiction. Wake up Greenfield, stop whoring yourself out and the Kiwanis Club should reflect on their active support of this festival and the what it represents. Try a fund raiser for a new septic system. Shame on you.

I agree 100%. I wish there were some way to organize around this. Greenfield really should not have anything to do with this. I spoke with a guard at the emergency room about this and boy did I get an earful!

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