Expanding Cumberland Farms to eat Domino’s

  • Dominos and Cumberland Farms on Federal Street in Greenfield. Recorder/Paul Franz
  • Cumberland Farms and Doninos on Federal Street in Greenfield.  Recorder/Paul Franz

GREENFIELD — A local gas station hopes to nearly double the size of its 24-hour convenience store on Federal Street.

Cumberland Farms has applied for a permit to expand its 317 Federal St. location from about 2,500 square feet to 4,513 square feet and to add four gas pumps, for a total of 10, according to Eric Twarog, Greenfield’s director of planning and development.

A public hearing on the expansion will be held May 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the police station conference room on High Street.

Plans call for the demolition of the current store, as well as the building that houses Domino’s Pizza next door. The new store would be built on the southern side of the lot, where Domino’s now stands, said Twarog. Cumberland Farms owns both properties.

A shift manager at Domino’s said Thursday that it’s too early in the process to comment on the pizza shop’s fate.

Twarog said the company hopes to re-use some of its existing gasoline storage tanks, but would relocate the pumps. The new pumps would be oriented so cars would park parallel to the street, instead of the current perpendicular setup. Plans show the building at an angle to the street, whereas the current store is parallel to the road.

There would be two double-sided pumps on each of three islands, with a single double-sided pump on a fourth island, all covered by a canopy. The store would lose two parking spaces, going from 22 to 20.

Signs and lighting would also be moved, and are within the zoning limits. Twarog said the company also plans to do away with Domino’s Smith Street driveway, so all traffic would enter the station from Federal Street.

Twarog said the new store will have more of a New England look, with pitched roofs and dormers and clapboad-style siding. An outdoor seating area has also been proposed.

Twarog said abutters have been notified and a few have inquired about the project.

“After I described the project, they seemed happy,” said Twarog. “The new building will be an improvement to the area.”

Twarog said the company plans to have the building done this year.

If plans are approved, he expects that construction could start as early as June.

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More parking would be great for all of your stores, the one in Orange is stop only if you get lucky enough to find an open spot, to make things worse I have noted the postal employees dining in their cars in the parking spaces. Turners Falls is a little better with on street parking available and you can usually fill your tank, Main St. Greenfield store I don't even bother with, Greenfield, Federal St location is a time of the day deal on whether you are going to get gas or a place to park or not. Domino's??? Can't say as I've heard you were moving.

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