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Calderwood/My Turn: The Recorder so transparent

That was a very, well, stimulating article by Anita Fritz regarding the submission of a rewrite of the proposed wetlands ordinance. Fritz’s article was augmented by an editorial on the same topic. If I read all of this at face value (and who can really take The Recorder in any other way than on its face), it seems Mr. Norman has done it again; it seems the council has done it again. Mr. Norman has gone all postal by submitting a rewrite of an ordinance for consideration. The council, in all its arrogance, in turn, accepted a rewrite for consideration, but didn’t vote on it. This is anarchy, I tell you!

How “surprising,” “disrespectful” and “disturbing” (snore) it is to think that Mr. Norman, aka, the “sprawlbuster,” is participating in town government in this way; how utterly disdainful for a council to consider alternatives. What’s more remarkable, from my perspective, is the article itself, which is filled to the brim with regurgitated adjectives used by “key players” of town government past to described their “horror” at the very existence of contrary opinions and at a member of the public for actually writing a proposal. Yes, this article has all the emotion needed to “inflame” and, at the same time, bore the tears out of a community exhausted by the “every-day-low-prices” lovers’ efforts to discredit an individual, a progressive council and the very idea of open government.

Yes, it was open and on camera. In fact, in all of its weakness and laziness, The Recorder inserted a GCTV recording of the meeting for its online readers rather than go to any effort to interview councilors prior to the article’s publication. Now, the editors of this, well, “newspaper,” are calling for everyone to throw in their towels, sell their houses and livestock and take up residence in Siberia. Off with their heads, I say!

Let’s face it, how dare Mr. Sprawlbuster, so says The Recorder and its merry band of supporters, write anything. And, how dare the council respond to a constituent by considering it. Moreover, and this is, in part, what this is all about, how awful it is that Mr. Norman advocates for an end to abusively low-paying, high-profit corporations, such as the beloved Walmart, and then he has to audacity, in his copious spare time, to actually write something substantive for consideration that might end up terrifying the Walton family into obscurity — at least locally. And this council: it continues with its self-serving attitude by voting in favor of initiatives that put the concerns of families and workers first, by eliciting participation from taxpayers and by rejecting threats by others to appoint “or else!”

What the public should be reading here is that this was an obvious attempt by The Recorder (and its minions) to sway public opinion prior to an election; a public who The Recorder feels is incapable of thinking for themselves. This was The Recorder’s historically sophomoric and transparent push for a change in a Town Council that doesn’t suit it; a Town Council whose consistent support of a healthy environment, good schools, and (gasp) a process into which citizens are invited may be the catalyst for a permanent change to antiquated, dangerous and regressive ideology.

Maryelen Calderwood is a Greenfield resident and member of the School Committee.

I totally agree with the Recorder, there editorial was right on the mark. The comments by Maryellen were mostly sarcastic and I assume were meant to be but were offensive and inappropriate.

I agree with "robcat",The Recorder seems to be in the business of creating news right now, rather than reporting news. I think the two front page articles on Friday and Saturday (essentially the same article, printed once in an unacceptable style and then again in a more professional manner, although still largely an OPINION piece that should have appeared on the opinion pages). Like it or not, Greenfield Recorder, the majority of Greenfield voters did elect these officials and many of us believe that the Town Council was not plotting against us, but rather soliciting the opinion of a community member who is very involved and active, but not an actual enemy of society. Please stick to reporting (given the first article, I would like to further say, please work to bring up the quality of that reporting) and stop trying to create news based on your opinion.

You nailed it, Maryelen. Very bald-faced propagandizing and poor journalism on the part of the recorder- especially their editorializing. Disgusting. Disappointing. Inappropriate…. why not just report the news/ and interview people? The Recorder has lowered itself waist deep in the big muddy wetlands.

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