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Wisnewski/My Turn: Let’s talk facts, not politics

Shameful or Shameless? I don’t know which way to refer to the political hay The Recorder editors are trying to make out of the recent submission to the Town Council’s Appointments and Ordinance Committee concerning the pending wetlands ordinance. It is obvious they are trying to influence the upcoming elections like they always do against anyone who doesn’t meet their sprawl agenda. It happens every election cycle but usually with more honor.

Let’s talk facts. This ordinance has been open for review from anyone — anyone — since August. It isn’t surprising that the editors of our town’s only paper didn’t know this since they never attend committee meetings but that is the fact. Anyone, at any time, could access the document and anyone, at any time, can submit recommended changes to the Town Council. The Recorder would like you to believe otherwise but it is the case.

Mr. Norman submitted his recommendations and I, in turn, sent them to the committee reviewing the ordinance. There have been no amendments to the initial document. His views have been in no form incorporated into the document and, regardless of what the paper would have you believe, no improprieties have occurred.

They call this unprecedented intrusion. Baloney. I challenge this paper to demonstrate one case, one, where any citizen’s written input was rejected by any council or when any citizen was denied the opportunity to speak on any issue at a committee meeting.

It won’t be by this council. I welcome the input of any private citizen at any time during the open public process we conduct. Do you want to make recommendations about our upcoming noise ordinance? Please do so. Concerns about the demolition delay ordinance? Now would be a good time.

More active input from residents is what I would very much like to see. Of course, as with the submission of Mr. Norman’s proposed changes, I will tell you what I told him. The council may or may not agree with your proposal but the more information we have to base our decision upon, the better our final decision will be.

I am proud of the open, inclusive council it has been my privilege to lead this year. I’m not nearly as proud of my hometown paper. Please, attend our meetings, submit ideas, comments or proposed changes. You make a better government through your contribution.

Mark P. Wisnewski is president of the Greenfield Town Council.


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