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Voice of Audubon: bird sightings in our area

Here are some of this week’s bird sightings from the Voice of Audubon for western Massachusetts.

Great egrets were reported in Longmeadow, Hadley, New Salem and Pittsfield.

A blue-winged teal, a common gallinule and a Virginia rail were found in Lenox.

A northern harrier, a black-billed cuckoo and 20 evening grosbeaks were seen in Heath.

A yellow-billed cuckoo was found in Northfield and a black-billed cuckoo in New Salem.

A northern goshawk was seen in Sandisfield, and two peregrine falcons were reported in Hadley.

There are very few birds still nesting, but there are plenty of active young birds to find, and a few singing adults to hear. This week’s reports include wood duck, ruffed grouse, common loon, green heron, great blue heron, bald eagle, broad-winged hawk, whip-poor-will, pileated woodpecker, spotted, least, and solitary sandpipers, wood pewee and least flycatcher.

Flocks of tree and bank swallows were also reported along with, blue-gray gnatcatchers, hermit thrushes, an early Swainson’s thrush, magnolia and Canada warblers, and Louisiana waterthrushes.

Trudy Tynan, a member of the Hampshire Bird Club and a retired reporter for The Associated Press, edits the sightings that are compiled by Seth Kellogg of Southwick. For more information Call 781-259-8805 for state bird sightings. To record sightings, call 781-259-8805, ext. 2 and wait for the end of the tape. It is a long-distance call.

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