Voice of Audubon: Western Massachusetts bird sightings

Here are some of this week’s bird sightings from the Western Voice of Audubon.

A Mississippi kite was seen in Belchertown, and the same individual or another was reported in New Salem.

A sandhill crane was found off Old Post Road in Worthington.

Six upland sandpipers and six grasshopper sparrows were reported in the Westover Air Reserve Base grasslands.

Another sora was seen in Montague.

Yellow-billed cuckoos were seen in Montague, Amherst and Belchertown.

Other interesting nesting birds reported were hooded merganser, American bittern, green heron, black vulture, osprey, sharp-shinned hawk, broad-winged hawk, Virginia rail, American kestrel, alder flycatcher, willow flycatcher, brown thrasher, Canada warbler, eastern meadowlark and orchard oriole.

Trudy Tynan, a member of the Hampshire Bird Club and a retired reporter for The Associated Press, edits the sightings that are compiled by Seth Kellogg of Southwick. For more information www. hampshirebirdclub.org. Call (781) 259-8805 for state bird sightings. To record sightings, call 781-259-8805 ext. 2 and wait for the end of the tape. It is a long-distance call.

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