Voice of Audubon

Here are some of this week’s bird sightings from the Western Voice of Audubon.

Many regular species are arriving from the south daily.

Warblers reported were black-and-white, palm, pine and Louisiana waterthrush. Other land birds were great crested flycatcher, blue-headed vireo, ruby-crowned kinglet, blue-gray gnatcatcher, brown thrasher, chipping sparrow, rusty blackbird and purple finch.

Water birds now being found are great blue heron, double-crested cormorant, pied-billed grebe, Wilson’s snipe, Virginia rail and American bittern. Raptors include northern harrier, broad-winged hawk, osprey and merlin.

Five glossy ibis, four greater yellowlegs, 44 American pipits, a clay-colored sparrow and three vesper sparrows were found in Hadley.

Two American coots were seen in Hatfield.

A Thayer’s gull and a red-necked grebe were found at Turners Falls.

Two evening grosbeaks were reported in Conway.

Trudy Tynan, a member of the Hampshire Bird Club and a retired reporter for The Associated Press, edits the sightings that are compiled by Seth Kellogg of Southwick. For more information www. hampshirebirdclub.org. Call 781-259-8805 for state bird sightings. To record sightings, call 781-259-8805 Ext. 2 and wait for the end of the tape. It is a long-distance call.

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