Others who have taken the challenge: U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern 

Congressman James "Jim" McGovern, Second Congressional District, Democrat

Congressman James "Jim" McGovern, Second Congressional District, Democrat

Why he took the challenge:

“I did it because nobody had any clue what the average food stamp benefit was. I asked my colleagues on the agricultural committee ... they had no idea. There’s the perception that it’s an overly generous benefit and it isn’t.”

What he ate:

“A lot of brown rice, beans and lentils. ... Some ground turkey that was on sale. It shrunk pretty rapidly in my frying pan.”

Lessons learned for next time:

“The first time (taking the challenge in 2006) I didn’t have coffee. I was tired, cranky, had headaches and caffeine withdrawal. (I decided) to go with less food and get coffee to be able to supplement my diet.”


Hunger games

Monday, September 2, 2013

An hour into my food shopping trip, I was faced with a choice: should I put back my $1.59 jar of jelly in exchange for a $1.14 bag of frozen mixed vegetables? My week’s worth of food, in front of me in my Target shopping cart, needed more vegetables. The two ears of corn I planned to purchase would need … 0

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