Poet’s Seat Poetry Contest: ‘I Rub Her Back in Circles until She Falls Asleep,’ Lynnette Baker Varnon

Lynette Baker Varnon of Greenfield.

Lynette Baker Varnon of Greenfield.

‘I Rub Her Back in Circles
Until She Falls Asleep’

I rub circles on her back.

The sun. October’s orange moon.

O’s, an ocarina’s song.

The full mouth of the opera singer,

her aria. I rub bursting summer

poppies on her back; mylar balloons

and biscuits. Apples before we

make the sauce. The tires of my

silver car she can recognize

in a full parking lot.

I rub droplets of mist in the clouds

we flew above in that blue plane,

The fiery berries we throw in the water

fountain, the docile ladybug she met

in a storybook, the very molecules

of our joint being and belief.

I rub the earth, its mysteries;

The face of the clock that comes

to mean little more than seasons passing.

On her back I rub circles

Her eyes, their intricate cities.

I rub her back until she falls asleep.

Lynnette Baker Varnon

Adult second place


Adult Poet

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