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Savoring the Seasons

Savoring the Seasons: Serendipity and salads


I love the serendipities and synchronicities in life, and often tell friends about my synchronicity du jour. So, I laughed when I saw the email message from my sister with the subject line “Serendipity.” I had just sent Martha my food column that sang the praises of Mi Tierra Tortillas and said they’re available at the Greenfield Farmers Market.

Martha wrote from her home in Melbourne, Australia saying, “Serendipities! There is a Mexican family making fresh tortillas in our area. They showed up at our local farmers market two weeks ago with tortillas fresh made that morning, still warm.

“I snarfed down a tortilla as we walked to the next stall, and handed one to our bread guy. I told everyone I could, ‘Go taste these tortillas!’ I think they will be there once a month.

“There is a HUGE Mexican food craze on in Australia now. There is another place I know of that makes tortillas, but they are more ‘commercial’ in taste, very good, but not so ‘handmade’ in feel. I ate two tortillas that day and froze the rest. Now to find some functional tomatoes. I got some cilantro at the market yesterday and thought of guacamole and chicken and real fresh salsa. Serendipities!”

Wow! On opposite sides of the world, in opposite seasons (it’s almost winter solstice in Australia), Martha and I are both enjoying and raving about freshly made tortillas we buy at our local farmers market!

I’ve been eating lots of Mi Tierra tortillas, mostly as wraps around sauteed onions and spinach or chard scrambled into eggs, or warmed with butter with salads.

I am happy eating the same thing over and over. These days, that means I’m eating lots of salads. Last Friday, I stood at Green Fields Market and was thrilled to see MANY local items on the produce shelves, including: lettuce, radishes, bok choy, collards, kohlrabi, mustard greens, dandelion greens, chard, kale, baby bok choy, arugula, spinach, salad mix, and sprouts.

While there, I ran into Andy Grant from Just Roots/Greenfield Community Farm. He said they’re growing LOTS of varieties of lettuce and that the Red Butter lettuce is particularly tasty. He also told me about their upcoming beekeeping workshop (see below).

Then, on Sunday, I stopped by the Atlas Farm Store on Routes 5&10 in South Deerfield and saw that they have their own greenhouse tomatoes! Fresh local tomatoes in early June! Wow! I bought a box of sungold cherry tomatoes and munched and grinned all the way home!

Here are the salads I’m eating this week and a tasty dressing recipe from Ashfield’s Bug Hill Farm. What are your favorite salad toppings and salad dressings?

Hands-On Introduction to Beekeeping, Saturday, June 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Greenfield Community Farm, Greenfield. (Rain date: June 29). Learn the basics of honeybee biology and hive upkeep. In-depth introduction to beekeeping equipment, seasonal management, and colony dynamics. Taught by Daniel Berry. Fee: $95. For information, visit:


or call 413-325-8969.

This week we’re eating ...


By Mary McClintock, Conway

Every day’s salad has a mix of fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, and salad greens as a base. This week’s toppings included sliced hard-boiled egg, sprouts (crunchy mix and delicate alfalfa sprouts), sliced radishes, sliced cherry tomatoes, cold marinated asparagus, cheese (sauteed cubes of Sidehill Farm paneer, chunks of Chase Hill Farm cheddar, dollops of Goat Rise chevre), and sliced cooked chicken. Appalachian Naturals Maple Balsamic Dressing and Ginger Miso Dressing are on my dressing menu this week. I’ll also try this Berry Vinaigrette recipe:


By Kate Kerivan, Bug Hill Farm, Ashfield (www.bughillfarm.org)

1 part Raspberry or Strawberry Shrub

1 part Grapeseed Oil

1 part Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt

Whisk together until incorporated, and serve over a bed of fresh spinach and mixed salad greens. Pairs well with local goat cheese and walnuts.

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