Plant closures took jobs, money from our local economy

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Earth is naturally radioactive, it bubbles out of the ground, humans have evolved with it. Indeed the Earth would be a dead planet without it. It is a safe continuous source of power, unlike renewables, which here are highly intermittent and to be useful need some type of storage capacity which double or triples their cost or what is presently used — a gas fired backup facility.

This area used to produce lots of electricity and it brought 600 good jobs to the valley. Now, we contract to send all that money to Canada for clean fuel. Those among us who used to make our electricity move away and house prices drop along with average salaries.

Clearly fossil fuels are killers, of both people and the planet as a whole. Those fossil fuel power plants need to be replaced. While renewables will have a minor role to play, some new build out of modular modern reactors can use up the left over residues from our first generation nuclear plants when we run out of using the Russian nuclear warheads we purchased which now power a majority of our present plants.

Ted Johnson