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Letter: Safety part of the plan

In its Dec. 11 editorial, The Recorder expresses concern that the illumination level of the streetlights downtown compromises pedestrian safety. I personally have never noticed a problem with visibility or the “windshield glare” they mention, but I can understand the point.

But there are other factors about pedestrian safety and driver responsibility I would emphasize. The Main Streety speed limit is 25 mph, and it’s often good judgment to go even slower in this complicated transportation environment, with pedestrians, cyclists and angled parking. In addition, drivers need to be constantly alert and scanning for pedestrians crossing the street. One implementation action recommended in the Greenfield Master Plan involves installing more of the standing “YIELD TO PEDESTRIAN” signs in the middle of the road, to assist drivers to be more aware of the location of crosswalks.

I appreciated that the editorial spoke positively of having benches downtown and noted that their positive benefits offset the concerns. Increasing the availability of benches to facilitate pedestrian travel is another implementation action called for in the Master Plan.

By the way, the entire finalized Master Plan will be presented to the public on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 6:30 p.m. at GCC’s Sloan Theater.



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