Letter: Speak out on TPP

Recently, The Recorder published a My Turn I wrote about the dangers of the president’s request for rapid approval authority so he could sign, without congressional approval or discussion, international treaties and trade agreements.

The problem is that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would give nearly total power and international control to the corporations, is said to be one of the agreements for which President Obama wants this signature power. Tonight, I learned of another corporate lawsuit. In this one, a gold mining company, called Infinito Gold, is suing the government of Costa Rica for $1 billion because that country won’t let them destroy its rainforest by building an open pit gold mine.

This is the kind of audacity we can look forward to if the TPP is signed into law. Can you imagine what such a world would be like? Many people have approached me about what I wrote and thanked me. However, very few of them had contacted their congressional team asking them to vote against allowing the president to have this power. Without a response from/by the people, the corporations will have their way with us and we will lose all of our democratic rights.

Please contact immediately Congressman James McGovern at 202-225-6101 or by email at congressman.mcgovern@mail.house.gov. Also, Sen. Elizabeth McGovern at warren.senate.gov or 413-788-2690 or 617-565-3170 and Edward Markey at markey.senate.gov or 202-225-2742 or 617-565-8519.



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