Letter: What the VA uses

I wish to thank Mr. Barber for pointing out that VA health care is outstanding. Much of the news reports focus on those who have trouble getting into the system, but not the excellent care that those already enrolled receive. One might wonder, if the level of care and patient satisfaction are so high, why Congress refuses to put enough money into the system to make it available to veterans more easily. You would be wrong if you guessed that the reason was that this quality comes at higher cost. VA care is cheaper than even medicare, which is in itself cheaper than any private system.

It turns out that the secret of their success just might be why it is underfunded. As a matter of fact the best run, cheapest health care in America, (which no one would argue that our veterans do not deserve) is not a private system, not even the Goldbergian Obamacare (which was, let’s not forget, devised by cynical GOPers trying to forestall a better system), it isn’t a single-payer system either, such as Medicare. No, the VA uses full-on, British style, socialized medicine. Perhaps now you know why ideologues in Congress are suddenly shy about helping retuning vets: It presents them with a choice between doing the right thing and toeing the party line.



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