Letter: RMV efficiency

Seems to me that horror stories about the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles are legion: long waits, lousy “service,” cranky and incompetent service, etc. Well, those story-tellers should come to Greenfield!

I arrived at the Greenfield RMV facility just before 9 last Monday to renew my car’s registration, and when I saw a dozen or more people waiting in front of me, I cringed. Then the doors opened. A polite guy directed each one of us to the proper forms, and within moments we all had appointments. Mine came up at 9:02, a cheerful and efficient employee sorted me out, answered all my questions, and my business was done by 9:05. It took me more time to take my coat off and put it back on than to get my car re-registered!

If the service I got is typical of how they work in this office, the RMV should be proud. Hats off to everyone who works there!



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