Letter: Respect for the dead

To the person or persons who have been stealing items from the Green River Cemetery in Greenfield, (and possibly others:) SHAME ON YOU! What kind of person steals from the deceased? You stole floral arrangements from my father’s, and several other graves (confirmed by the deceased’s widows.) You stole a flag from a deceased man’s grave showing his favorite sports team. Does that flag have ANY meaning to YOU? Probably not. But it meant something to him and his family and wasn’t yours to take! These items are not there for you to go shopping! They are there because we are showing how much we miss and love people who are no longer here, as a sign of respect, and to honor their memory. A cemetery is not a place for you, or anyone else, to play, do your drugs, let your dogs run off leash to defecate all over graves or dump your garbage. It’s a place for our loved ones to rest in peace, and for the people who loved them, to find some sort of comfort. Clearly, you’re not someone who respects the dead, or their families, so I don’t expect that if you happen to pick up a newspaper and read, this letter will even affect you. But know this — your thefts have been reported to the Greenfield Police and to Snow and Sons (caretakers of the cemetery,) so you may want to think twice before you decide to try it again, as there are several other people who visit the cemetery daily and are looking for this kind of activity. What you are doing is grave robbing (punishable by law,) and incredibly disrespectful!



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