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Letter: Overdue repairs

I am an advocate for the handicapped here in Turners Falls and I strive to help others who cannot seem to advocate for themselves, due to fear of losing their homes, at the Winslow Wentworth House on Ninth Street.

They have been told by management they should not talk to others, but come to them with any problems. This was told to them at a meeting about repairs nearly half a year ago. I have been told not write this letter by one of the tenants. There are 17 residents with bad or dead stoves in their apartments. Some of them shock the user, some of them are just not working at all. One person has not had a stove from the beginning of her residency. She has the depend on electric alternatives such as a frying pan and a slow cooker.

I feel like calling in health services at the town hall to obtain an inspection of the stoves. I may just do that in the long run. I am not trying to be mean, I simply want to advocate for those who live a place where there’s a promise of work that needs doing. I pray with all my heart that housing gets off their butts and correct these problems. Landlords have the job of doing work that needs doing for the residents’ spiritual, physical and moral well-being. They should not make their tenants fear to call them for help.


Turners Falls

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