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Letter: The retail market

I am so thrilled to know that some of our prime business space is going to be occupied soon by Dollar General. Oh my goodness, so many new jobs will be created and they pay well above minimum wage. And everything they sell is made in America. Right!

Why did we chase out Walmart or why are we now allowing a third dollar store in Greenfield? What does it say for Greenfield? It says we are all poor folk that can only afford the dollar stores. What a slap in the face for Greenfield people.

A very prime spot for a store that may have five full-time workers or a number of part-time workers making minimum wage, possibly without insurance being offered.

How is this better than allowing a big box store to come in? What a boost for our economy here? Is this the best we can attract?

It’s not going to reduce my taxes any and it is not going to provide the things that most Greenfielders go out of town for. Why do we still fight the big box? Did you take a look at whose houses are listed for sale? Some of the folks who fought so hard are now moving. It is time for the people of Greenfield to wake up and let’s get this big box store going. It will provide jobs for the people who are shopping the dollar stores. It would provide a lot more jobs than the dollar store will.

We need to fill all the empty places in Greenfield with well-known stores. There is nothing to attract anyone to Greenfield. I have been here 36 years and it has only lost stores. We need something big to happen and we have plenty of space for it to happen in. Any you wonder why Greenfield has the third-highest real estate taxes in the state?

That means there are only two other towns that are as stupid as Greenfield. Time for a change.



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