Kent/My Turn: Remembering the true meaning

The degradation of morals in America took yet another turn for the worst recently, reaching one diabolical step closer to the transformation and abomination of the yuletide spirit.

As shown by various national broadcasts for the public viewing, what has somehow become a new violent winter rite of passage for some known as “Black Friday” astonishingly continues to sink to an all-time low. While most midnight madness crowds were thankfully composed of responsible adults exercising good moral conduct, the sad truth is that from the Atlantic to the Pacific the violence associated with this shopping frenzy phenomena is escalating every succeeding year and involving the presence of law enforcement at an alarming rate.

At Walmarts around our nation people pushed, shoved, fought and even were recorded stealing goods yet to be paid for from of the arms of others — all caught on camera. All this was achieved to save what in the grand scope of things were miniscule amounts of money, at the moral expense of humanity. At one Walmart, a child was nearly trampled to death, like two previous other adults who died of that tragic fate since 2008. The lack of intelligence in bringing a child in to this atmosphere and financial venue is for yet another subject of cognitive debate.

Black Friday’s at our nation’s largest retailer has become a scene practically taken right out of a zombie apocalypse movie, with countless video recordings of mindless bipedal stampeding beings just focusing on pushing forward through the wandering masses for a steady diet of purchases and self-indulgence. It is important to remember the true meaning of what Dec. 25 represents. It is not about receiving, it is about the joy of giving, and the positive reaction fostered by providing a gift to those you know along with those who you may very well never encounter.

Please make sure that you remember the true meaning of Christmas, and when you celebrate the gift of giving remember to include a charity. Even a simple dime under the seat of your car may sound like a tiny amount, but if given by the many who forget to look, the aggregate of tiny shovels will move the most prolific of charitable mountains.

Let us all come together in unison this holiday season and show those who fight over possessions the true meaning of Christmas and help wipe this dark slate clean. Make a donation to charity no matter how big or small, and lead by example for those who have forgotten the true meaning of what it is all about, helping others and not yourself. I promise you somebody, somewhere, will appreciate it more than you may have ever imagined.

Keith Kent lives in Templeton.

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