Letter: Watching over us

A month has past since the tragic car crash that took the life of a great woman and friend to many in Greenfield and the surrounding towns. I relay this event to those that knew her and miss her and those that miss their own angels. Ceal wrote her own obituary twoyears ago. It was 31/2 pages long — just like she would want. At the end of the handwritten note, she wrote in the margins, “when you look up, I will be watching over you.” Then she wrote, “when you see an eagle that’s me saying hi to you.” When I read this (as she gave us all a copy for safe keeping), I asked her why an eagle. She had no special affinity for eagles that I knew of, she didn’t talk about eagles and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to see an eagle very often. I asked her, “Mom, can’t you make it a hummingbird or a flower or something?” She just laughed with a glint in her eye. She had a good sense of humor if not a bit wily. On River Road, at the spot where she was killed, there is a farmhouse, behind the house there is a barn. On top of that barn there is a weather vane — not with a rooster or cow or horse. On top of that weather vane is a flying eagle. From the site of the crash she would have been able to see that eagle. Thank you mom for letting me know you are with us! I feel you winking at me and saying hi.


McMinnville, Ore. (formerly of Greenfield)

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