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Letter: Plastic ban

Now let me see if I have gotten this right. Mr. Connelly does not like plastic bags and bottles so he is going to have their use banned in Greenfield, no matter what. Plus, to sell this to the Town Council, there will be a 10-cent tax on each paper bag used in replacing these plastic bags. While everyone, no matter what bags they use, that shop in the stores in Greenfield will pay the cost of these paper bags. To add insult to injury, the tax will be open ended allowing the mayor to raise this tax when ever more funds are needed for any hair-brain idea that comes along.

Now I don’t like the plastic bags that are used in stores. I have been using the reusable bags and not accepting a bag for one to three items myself for years. I do not want the cost of paper bags added to the already high cost of my groceries. I don’t think there are many people that do, especially the folks who do not live in Greenfield but do shop in town. But, then again, the towns around Greenfield do not have a tax on paper bags, while some do charge the customer requesting paper bags to pay for these themselves. So it appears there will be another reason not to shop in Greenfield. Plus, if you want to open a store, don’t do it in Greenfield.

This seems to bring new meaning to the Greening of Greenfield going to start doing it with greenbacks.

Just because you do not like something does not mean there should be a law against it. If you do not want people to use these bags and bottles ... educate the people.



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